6 Big Reasons Why Empaths Freeze Around Inauthentic People

Recently, we already had an article in which we explained the big differences between the SENSITIVE PEOPLE and the rest of the world. The empaths, are emotionally superior to all of us.

They have big hearts and they know how to share their love and invest themselves 100% in your relationship. Yes, if you are in a relationship with an empath, that means that you formed a strong bond with a person who is ready to do anything imaginable and unimaginable for you.

However, the empaths hate traitors. They just can’t stand betrayal, rejection, and cruelty. Their mental and emotional composition makes them excellent radars for FAKE PEOPLE.

Special ability or…? I guess you, my dear empaths and highly sensitive people know the best. You know very well that sometimes, deep down inside, you know the soul of each person you look in the eye. This is a blessing, but also a curse. The social interaction becomes too difficult to handle knowing how awfully fake some people are. Here are some traits and behaviors that could make an empath feel disgusted:

  • Someone who wants to be loved by everyone they meet acts overly nice to get adoration.
  • Someone being filled with hate or anger yet working hard to convince the world otherwise.
  • Someone has had an emotionally destructive childhood leaving them insecure and in pain, yet playing the tough guy.
  • Someone building a totally new personality to hide the person they believe will not be accepted by society.
  • Someone being full of insincere praise for you.
  • Someone making up stories to make themselves sound interesting
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And in addition, this is how most of the empaths/ highly sensitive people would find themselves reacting:

-Quickly avoiding being in the presence of the emotional ‘vampires’ and fakers without even having a particular reason. The judgment is fast- the empaths trust their feelings and intuition, which means that even if the fake person acts nice with the empath.

-Empaths are not able to watch, touch or even talk with a fake person, especially if they’re personally betrayed or insulted.

-Having a sense of dread in the pit of the stomach that won’t go away until the person is gone.

-Hours and hours spent in thinking and finding explanations to rationalize the social behavior between the people.

How do you feel about this if you’re an empath, do you agree with this? The empaths and highly sensitive people have a big burden, but as we already said, it could be a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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