How Souls Choose Their Parents and Families

One of the most mysterious and sometimes even ‘scary’ questions for the human mind is what is the human soul actually doing before the birth of one human being and after his death. Very often we hear different stories and we have thousands of ideas what it could be, but some people experienced strange things that made them firmly believe that something really abnormal happened to them. Actually, one mother told her shocking story about her daughter Evelyn who appeared in one of her dreams year before she was born. The big question is finally brought to light, ‘ARE THE SOULS CHOOSING THEIR PARENTS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE IN THIS WORLD?’

The woman, Lindsay D., says that the dream and the memory of it were extremely strong. She remembered the dream for quite a while and as she said- it was imprinted both in her memory and her heart. In the dream, the little toddler comes, hugs her and tells her that her name is Evelyn.

In her story for the Daily Awe, Lindsay, the mother with the dream explained that in that moment she felt a true connection, just like a real human. She remembered very well how the girl looked like and believe it or not, Lindsay got pregnant and gave a birth to a beautiful little girl. After she felt the baby in her arms, she felt the exact same feeling she felt in her dream. It was like a pure explosion! The connection was COMPLETE.

Lindsay explains that maybe our souls choose the parents and form the strong bond way before they are born. That’s why most of the parents and their children are very much alike in so many things and they also have a strong empathy and sometimes even telepathy with each other.

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Some people even claim that they remember their ‘past life’, as they call it. Are those spirit babies maybe a ‘special kind’ of human? Guess we’ll never know for sure.

What do you think about this, do you believe in ‘spirit babies’?  Have you ever met someone who had a spiritual connection with the spirits of their unborn babies?

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