10 Piriformis Stretches to Get Rid of Sciatica, Hip and Lower Back Pain

Sciatica-whoever suffered the sciatica pain hates even the name of the sciatic nerve and what it could cause. The pain is intolerable and many people suffer from it. The pain is caused by the sciatic nerve and, believe it or not, is common to at least 40% of all people. Sooner or later, 40% of the human population suffers from sciatica. However, some ‘cases’ are a lot worse than others. But, don’t worry! There are easy exercises to keep you fit and fight back sciatica.

The disgusting pain starts when the sciatic nerve enters the muscle. When this nerve penetrates inside the muscle core, then we get the Piriformis syndrome. This causes agonizing and intolerable pain in the hips and the lower back.

To fight back, the patient find their last hope in all kinds of painkillers, but they rarely help and they are not a solution for the problem, not at all, the worst scenario is over usage and rise of new unwanted problems.

The best way to fight back sciatica is simple exercises. These exercises will help you energize and refresh your muscle with the final goal to pull back the nerve and get everything back in order.


Note: Always have a doctor’s consultation and WARM UP before doing the exercises.

1. Outer Hip Piriformis Stretch
Lie down, fold the left leg up so that its foot stays beside the knee of the right leg and hold steady in that position. Then, pull it down gently to the right side so that it touches the floor. While doing this, raise the left arm and move it towards the floor as hard as you can. Continue doing this exercise staying in the exact position for 20 seconds switching legs.

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2. Supine Piriformis Stretch

While lying down on your back with knees bent up, put the painful leg over the knee of the other leg and keep one hand on the top of the knee. After you get ready, pull gently toward the opposite shoulder and hold the ankle with the other hand. You stay in this position for at least half a minute until feeling a stretch.

3. Short Abductor Stretch
To start this exercise sit down and bend your knees to the side. With joint feet, hold the right ankle with your left hand and left ankle with your right. In the shape of a butterfly, raise your knees over and over again.


4. Hip Extension

Stand in a parallel position with the floor in a baby crawl position. Raise one knee and open your leg backward in a stretch.

5. Standing Piriformis Stretch

To complete this exercise you need to stay straight. In the video below you can see the exact position of the hands, the knees, and the legs. This is a very interesting exercise that makes your entire body warmed up and vital in balance.

6. Supine Piriformis Side Stretch
Tilt the harmed leg up while lying down with both legs straight. Bend one knee up that its foot stays beside the knee of the other leg. Hold the top of the knee and pull gently towards your chest.


7. Seated Stretch

While sitting on a char, put your painful leg over the knee of the other leg. Easy, right? Keep your spine straight and bend forward in a stretch.

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8. McKenzie Press Up
Stay down on the ground with your face downwards. With your elbows beside your chest raise your head up as much as possible. Imitate the movements of a sea lion and keep your head high at least 30 seconds.


9. Long Abductor Stretch

Sit on the floor. Stretch and spread your legs with your hands put together and bend forward until your elbows touch the floor.


10. Syde-Lying Clam

Tilt your legs back into an L shape while laying on your side. Bend your knees slightly forward.

We hope that these exercises will help you relive the pain. Please share it on the social media!

Source: SimpleCapacity

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