According to Shamans There Are 4 Main Reasons of A Spiritual Disease

We, as people are fighting thousands of battles against visible and invisible forces in the way of our life journeys. Life could be cruel sometimes and each human being needs to be strong enough to remain healthy both physically and mentally. The spirituality of the average human in the 21st century is poor. That’s why most of the people are spiritually empty. Sometimes the emotional and spiritual disorders could lead to serious spiritual diseases.

In the past, our ancestors cared a lot about their spirituality. In this material world, all we care about is money, prestige, power. Back at the time, the famous shamans were living by way different principles and rules. The shamans and their primitive societies were obsessed with their spirituality and they have been developed a lot more as mentally healthy individuals compared to us today. It seems that we got way better in the material world( technology, energy, reproduction etc), but on the other hand, we delayed the spiritual progress of humanity.

That’s why we want to share 4 very important SHAMAN pieces of advice to help people prevent and get over the psychological problems and diseases. These are the leading causes of spiritual illnesses according to the shamans:


Just like we already said- the disrupted connection between the material and the spiritual world and the human in the middle. We are meant to grow and develop as human beings, but we must focus on bot- the physical and the spiritual state of mind. In the 21st century is extremely hard to find that balance, but if you do, you have great chance to prevent any spiritual illnesses.

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It is really hard to listen to your body and act the way it tells you to. You MUST always try to listen to your body’s signals. They are important, both for your spiritual and physical health.


According to shamans’ believes, fear holds us all back in life and is one of the rotting agents. Fear and anxiety bring a lot of negativity and can destroy your everyday life and social connections. To prevent spiritual illnesses, you must not let fear conquer your soul.


Soul loss happens when you lose your connection with your inner self. Depression, negativity, despair, emotional remoteness are symptoms of soul loss. To prevent soul loss take some time for yourselves and always keep the connection between your soul, body and mind strong.

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Source: PeaceQuarters

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