This Is Why Afternoon Naps Are a Sign Of Health, Not Laziness

Is there anybody who doesn’t really love sweet little short naps? All of us like to use a little nap during the day as a good way of valuable rest for the brain and the body. The people who work a lot, the ones who work overnight and the seniors are most likely having naps and they need naps so badly. Why? Probably because of the lifestyle, but still, the naps had become a vital part of their everyday life.

However, some people think that there must be ‘something wrong’ with the naps. As it turns out, naps are really not just for babies, but they are really useful for the human body. Of course, both for the young and the old.

The energy level of all human beings naturally falls in the early afternoon, and as The National Sleep Foundation recommends, a 20 to 30-minute naps are needed to restore the overall alertness and production. This foundation identifies and defines THREE SPECIFIC TYPES OF NAPPING:


Napping at about the same time every day whether you feel tired or not. This is the most common type of napping and it’s completely connected with the human nature. Studies indicate that all human beings keep their circadian rhythms (the internal body clock) in order. The naps just like the hormone levels, body temperature, and metabolism become part of the working ways of each organism.


This is the napping when you suddenly feel exhausted and can’t stay awake. These are the most common naps even for those who don’t usually take naps. Emergency napping could happen anywhere at anytime.

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Napping every day without any particular reason, planned, always at the same time. This is the ‘elderly napping’. Some people use the sleep to fill their time, believe it or not. Napping surely becomes not only a habit, but a conscious routine in the everyday life.

For you to keep the best circadian rhythm, we share the best pieces of advice to maximise the effects of the naps and make them really useful and wanted in your everyday activities.



#2 Set an alarm to make your naps short and equal.

3# Make your environment as quiet as possible.

#4 Make sure you’re in the most comfortable position.

#5 Keep your environment completely dark when u sleep.
#6 Use a light blanked not to lose your temperature while you’re asleep.

#7 Don’t sleep more than 30 minutes.

#8 Dring honey and lemon water before and after.

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Source: EWAO

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