Synchronicity Happens For A Reason — There Are No Accidents And No Coincidences

When Carl Jung first introduced the synchronicity, it became one of the most popular concepts in the common psychology and its a term used to described many things. However, synchronicity is another big mystery and the humanity is searching for answers. We believe in higher energy, that’s for sure, at least all religious and spiritual leaders will confirm the same, however, maybe there is a bigger force that drives or creates the ‘energy- is it the synchronicity?!

The most interesting thing about synchronicity is actually the coincidence. Very often it happens all of us to say ‘ oh, what a coincidence’. BUT, does coincidence really exist, or there’s ONLY synchronicity?

Synchronicity means that everything happens for a reason – every “coincidence” or “accident” actually sends you a message or gives you a lesson. Your task is to notice it and understand its meaning. If you know and recognize it – you can use it to make your dreams come true.

In this world, everything is linked- every life and all people are creating ‘crossroads’ of emotions, energy, mana… Synchronicity makes that possible.

In other words, we are all part of a universe and there is an unknown number of links and connections between everything and everyone. Synchronicity represents the law of unity and division, the law of the exact moment and eternity and the connection of space, time and material. Every coincidence has a message and code. If you have that feeling that everything can possibly go wrong, well, the universe is sending you a message.

Synchronicity works in a very strange way, probably above the human’s ability to understand it. For example, when we are ready for certain kind of people, events or opportunities we send unconsciously a vibe to the universe. This means that we have a higher chance and most probably we will meet those people, events etc.

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Interesting question! First of all, we already mentioned that Synchronicity is way above the level of our spiritual progress as natural species. On the other hand, we know that our hope, love, and faith are the strongest and most powerful human treats. So, keep the positive energy, BELIEVE IN IT, believe in your dreams, fight for them and- be patient. Give it a minute and let it happen. Never lose hope and always save love and passion in your heart.

Source: Peace Quarters

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