You Have 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates and Here’s How To Recognize Each One

When you find “the one”, your true soulmate, you will feel the whole universe rocking under your feet and your heart will produce little quakes shaking and trembling your body. Soul mates are the people who are never going to let you down, the ones who mirror you and open you wide awake of your repetitive patterns.

The true soulmate is the person who shows incredible empathy for you and your synchronization is perfect. They say that through your life voyage you meet your soulmate when you least expect. There really isn’t an exact way or a formula to find your soulmate, but it is a big advantage to know the 4 types of identified soulmates. When you find your soulmate, of course, you will start building and developing a strong mutual inner connection that needs to be taken care of to become stronger and stronger as the time’s passing by.

Here are the four types of soulmates:

These soul mates are connected to you from your past life. These connections are always strong, deep and karmic- very often you might feel pain in this connection because always involves ego. However, if you start building the connection after the first few hard steps you will see that the effort will be worth it. You could recognize the karmic soul mates if you only carve out your first layer of ego. You will recognize your soul mate if the person is doing the same. It will be really hard, but as we already said it will result in a beautiful relationship that needs to be nourished. You need to be unconditionally kind and always try to be above the ego.

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If you have a friend with whom you finish each other’s sentences and, in a way, ‘know’ what they think? If you do, that means that you are looking at a twin flame. Unlike the karmic soul mates, twin flames transcend the ego and then you have the opposite story here. It will be very easy to sense the fullness of the bond. Maybe it must not always be a lover, but if they are, you can bet that this is the relation for a lifetime.


Just like the karmic soul mates, the past life soulmates, as you already guess, are connected deeply with your past life. These are the soul mates who had already been your soulmates in your past life. At the very first sight, you may feel unease and uncomfortability around them because of the strong strange feelings from the previous powerful, but an unknown connection. Anyway, the things will be getting awesome very quick. Everything will seem perfect and you will have ‘that’ feeling that you know the person your entire life. These are very easygoing relationships, but to keep them alive you need to always find and, then, nourish the special bonds between us and the essence of the connection. You need to be very open and honest with your past-life soul mate and never wear a mask.

These are the types of soulmates that you are created and meant to be- that means that you must never destroy this connection with negative behavior because it often leads to a tragic life. If you lose your past-life soulmate, it will be extremely hard to recover from the pain of the huge loss, literally half of your soul.

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You can recognize a past-life soulmate ONLY if you are TRULY yourself and if you really KNOW yourself with all the depths of your soul. When you are ready- it will just happen and you will know that with that person you have the chance to create the life of your dreams.


If you ever encountered a person at the exact time when you most needed them to ‘clear a mistake’ in your past and this person stayed in your life having a strong bond with you and keeps helping you everytime you’re in need- you have just found your perfect soul mate!

This is the kind of a soulmate that has already walked your journey and will help you learn all you need to learn from their own mistakes and lead your relationship to excellence. You will recognize them easy- they show up at a “divine time”- they come at the exact time when you need them. You will have the feeling in your guts that they’ve just been sent from above. If you establish a connection with this person and he keeps being carrying and sensitive you can be assured that that’s your healing soulmate.

To keep the relationship alive you need to always compromise and find mutual understandings for everything. The healing soulmates make big sacrifices for you and you need to pay back if you want to keep the thing running. Trust me, it will be worth it.

“…and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, whether he be a lover of youth or a lover of another sort, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight, as I may say, even for a moment…” ― Plato

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