8 Ways To Recognize Someone From Your Past Lives

It sounds pretty amazing but souls have the tendency to travel together in a bundle.  This means that actually we are cosmically connected with the people in our present life, from our past lives.

Acknowledging these past life companions, it’s easier than one might think.

These are the 8 ways that will help you identify them:

1 Deep unbreakable bond 

You ever felt that you’ve known someone from somewhere and you just met? You feel close to this person without any rational reason, you can open up in front of them, and this type of connection shows that you know that person’s soul from another life.

2 Telepathic bond

Telepathic bond happens when you think of someone and he/she instantly calls you or rings at your door, or is eventually thinking about you at the same time you are. It’s  because your souls had some kind of connection in the past, and is representing itself in this life.

3 Loathing

Opposite of connection and bonding, you might feel unexplainable aversion towards this person without any apparent reason, and it’s because you recognize this soul, that must have done you wrong in the past, and your subconscious tells you to stay away from her/him.

4 Complementing and kindness

You share unexplainable kindness with this person, and you always seem to bright each other’s day. This may be an inclination that you were close in the past too.

5 Strange sexual connection

You feel this huge unexplainable desire for the person, even though you can’t find any logical reason for it. You feel this way because probably you shared a passion with this person in the past.

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6 The deepness in their eyes

Have you ever heard that when a person is reborn it gets a whole new body but the iris in the eyes stays the same? Well, now you the reason for the familiarity you felt in someone’s eyes.

7 Passionate about the same things

It’s great to meet someone who shares the same interests, hobbies, and opinions like you. The energy you feel between this person and you, as well as the mutual interests it’s a sign of old connection between your souls.

8 Goosebumps

You ever felt goosebumps while in someone’s presence? It’s your body reaction of recognizing this soul and the connection and love you shared together in the past life.


Source: SoulTravelRules




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