Heyoka – The Most Powerful Type of Empath

The global philosophy of the modern 21st-century human is most certainly based on EMPATHY. Empathy is the ability that makes people understand and feel the experiences of other people through their perspectives.

If you are an empath, or a highly-sensitive (perceptive) person, that means that you are way more sensitive than the others. This means that you are able to feel the energy and the connection between the individuals.

What’s even more interesting about the empaths is their urge to comfort others and be there to help them, both materially and spiritually.

Some empaths are so sensitive, they are able to even feel the physical pain of other people. They also are able to experience the symptoms of other people’s illnesses and strong emotions. That’s why all empaths need to accept themselves as they are and try to ‘survive’ emotionally in this cruel, brutal and insensitive world.

The most popular empaths are the HEYOKA. Heyoka is actually a native American word meaning “a sacred clown” or “fool”. This term was used to ‘label’ the empaths in the native American tribes. Heyokas will certainly be the emotional mirrors of the people in their surroundings and they show other people’s weaknesses while at the same time providing them ways to overcome them.

The Heyokas, according to the native believes, are born dyslexic (thinking backwards) or breech( coming into the world backwards) and they also claimed that Heyokas appear way younger than their actual age.

Of course, Heyokas very often receive backlashes for their gift and it doesn’t mean that they always aim at something bad. The intentions of Heyokas are never bad, nor they have personal gain.

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However, Heyokas are real tricksters. They might often embrace your negative side and trapped u inside your negative emotions, but they do it only to help the people overcome their weaknesses. Of course, they are present during the whole process of ‘spiritual cleansing’. If you ever meet Heyokas, give them your heart and mind open- they will guide you in your own journey and help you overcome your flaws and weaknesses.


Source: Simple Capacity


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