How To Recognize The Love Of Your Life: You Made A Pact Long Before You Were Born

Love is the most powerful driving force on Earth. As we already said, the biggest thing achieved by humanity is the ability to love and materialize the love in the most beautiful and ugly ways possible.

However, the true love, materialized in strong, eternal connection between two souls is a rarity and if you really decide to spend your life with another person you need to make the right choice.

Just a minute- MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE- how does it sound? Is it ‘right’ overrated in the 21st century? Maybe… However, the right choice for you is finding your soulmate. Soulmates are the people who always feel our needs and urges and fight to satisfy us. Our soulmates are the people who we are able to talk to for hours and just watching them in the eye, dreaming about the heights of your love. Your soulmate will save your soul and body without touching you, or say a single word.

You will recognize your soulmate by the shimmer of his soul and the sparks in the eyes everytime your soulmate sees you. You will have the feeling that the whole world stops and only the two of you exist in the heat of the moment.

After the first encounter, after the first touch, after the first small talk- the whole world is nothing but a gray fog full of blake and white shadows- your soulmate will be the bringer of the light, colors and tropic winds.

After you establish a connection with the person, you will feel the need to be with him/her as the need to breathe. You will quickly get used to each other and you will feel like you know each other for a lifetime. You will feel the unknown connection between your souls, something that nobody could ever explain.

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However, don’t ask for bigger sense in this- just believe in the power of love and build the life of your dreams. There are different types of soulmates, but most of them come from our past lifes or via synchrocity directed by the mystic powers of the universe.

You will recognize your soulmate by his deep love and his presence. He will be your healer and your priest, your brother, friend, lover- everything. And everytime you met even after 20 or 30 times you will feel the same way. If the person is completely sincere, honest and reliable- do not waste anytime- that’s the person you’re supposed to spent your life with and make all of your dreams come true.

Source: Councscious Reminder

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