The Top 30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

The Top 30 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old (Pay Attention To #4)

1 Not giving the best of your self at school

Yes, very often you would wonder if maybe your life would have been better if you studied harder and if you paid more attention at school.
it’s not that grades define success but the knowledge you gain by learning more and have better vision in life.

2 Not acknowledging how beautiful you really were

It’s so awful that most of us spend our youth in not accepting the way we look, we have complexes about the way we look, the way our body looks, and we relied on some fake Hollywood standards instead of realizing how naturally beautiful we really are.

3 Regretting not saying I love you more

When we are young the ego is often the reason why we are afraid to be emotionally “naked”, but when we get old we won’t care about whether our love was returned, but how alive it would have made us feel.

4 Being ignorant to your parents

Yes, my dear, you will feel deep regret about not listening to your parents’ advice, not just because they love you the most in the world and wished you the best, but because they were older and knew better than you.

5 Not traveling enough

As you get older traveling becomes sort of luxury since you don’t have the same time or energy as you did when you were younger.

6 Staying in a toxic relationship

You will feel like a fool for not getting out sooner of that destructive relationship.

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7 Not going to your favorite band’s concert

You will feel so bad for not seing that band, especialy if they are retired or dead now.

8 Being afraid to actualy do things

You will feel deep regret about not leaving your comfort zone.

9 Not learning new language

All those classes you took didnt paid off. Such a shame!

10 Not carrying about your body enough

It’s so sad we spend most of our youth in front of the tv, eating junk food, instead of doing physical activity and be vital, something you can dream of when you’re old.

11.Not quitting that terrible job

Yes we all need money to survive, understandably, but if you wasted many years in a job you hated, you will realize you spent and eternity in hell instead of actually doing something that fulfills you.

12 Being obsessed with what other people think of you

Most of them were so insignificant that won’t be around when you regret giving a damn about their opinion.

13 Being self absorbed

You will regret about being so selfish and thinking about no one else but yourself.

14 Not standing up for yourself

You will feel like a coward about this.

15 Believing in other’s dreams over yours

It’s not bad supporting others dreams and ideas, but it’s bad that you never got your 5 minutes.

16 Improper dental care

Teeth don’t last forever, especially when you neglect their care and don’t floss and brush them. You will regret this very deeply since now you have prosthetic teeth.

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17 Working too much

Believe me, you won’t be lying on your death bed regretting for not working more, but for not being more devoted to your family instead.

18 Not improving your cooking skills 

If you learned to cook you wouldn’t be still ordering takeout food now, would you?

19 Not spending enough time with your kids

You will feel deep sorrow in your soul for not being there more for your children because they’ve grown up faster than you thought.

20 Not finishing what you started

Those excuses you gave yourself for not finishing what you started won’t be sufficient for not growing as a person.

21 Overdramatizing

Let’s face it, it’s the last thing you need right now.

22 Not taking risks

Some things might look like a total waste of time when you are young or many times you will feel challenged to do something that you wouldn’t regularly do it. The ignorance in your youth may be a regret when you’re senior.

23 Too much worrying

Do not worry too much! Some issues and problems in your life now will look like a funny joke when you get old.

24 Taking too much pressure

Be always, or at least TRY, to always be relieved from pressure. That’s a key to succeed in life and when you get older, you will certainly regret being tense in the past.  You are the master of your destiny and you make all decisions.

25 Not being grateful on time

Many old people feel the need to pay back to the people who made great things for them in the past, but they quickly realize that it’s too late. That’s why you should open your eyes wide and care about the people who love you and care for your well-being.

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26 Not performing in front of others

Release your spirit! If you’re creative and want to share your creations or talents with the rest of the world don’t waste your time. Many people regret being shy and ‘wallflowers’ instead of using their ‘shiny’ 5 minutes of glory.

27 Using too many drugs or abusive substances

When you get old you truly understand the value of the word HEALTH.  That’s why you should be careful now, to keep your mind and body in good shape, to serve you well when you get old.

28 Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations.

Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations.

Don’t let them tell you, “We don’t do that.”

29 Not appreciating the beauty of ‘the moment’ 

Many people regret living too fast and not living ‘the moment’. Be careful, you may feel great sorrow for the things you ignorantly missed.


30  Not learning a funny party trick

Well, partying as a concept is something that makes the young people go wild. So, if you’re young hurry and learn some party trick, meet new people, have fun, be a party animal- when you get old you will have no chance to do any of these.

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