Ascension To The 5th Dimension & Sex

Most of u still think that the spiritual ascension is only possible through institutional religion. That’s actually not true. The spiritual salvation is an individual path and it could be found through institutional religion, but that’s just one of the many many paths. To become divine and ascend to the 5th dimension is something that only good individuals are able to succeed.

In this dimension, the sexual energies are strongly divided into feminine and masculine. This makes the sexual energies sinful and wrong. Most of the religions are based on patriarchy which makes sex even harder to become one of the paths to reaching spiritual ascension.

The religious leaders of some popular religions often claim that the spirit is tied down by the body and punishing or starving the body will somehow allow the spirit to be free and make the divine ascension. However, this principle of celibacy is a principle of denying. The 5th dimension and all dimensions as a whole are strongly connected to each other and if you want to become divine you just can’t ignore your material 3d reality.

Celibacy works on the principle of denying the body. However, the method we are talking about embraces the body. Those who deny the body its pleasures are undermining and suppressing a very powerful source of energy, which is sexual energy.

The body, mind, soul, heart are all connected and if you have your soulmate or if you have a strong psycho-physical practice maybe sex is just going to lead you faster to the ultimate goal.

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The sexual energy is one of the strongest, we have to admit that. Manipulating this powerful energy could lead to new spiritual heights for every person. Tantra is the term under which all such practices come under. If we use Tantra instrumentally, sex becomes just part of the practice, part of your spiritual awakening.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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