Have You Walked On Earth Before? 5 Clear Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

Some of the ancient teachings of the Eastern Hemisphere created the concept of reincarnation. Many people even now, in the 21st century, still believe in reincarnation, even it’s not part of their religion. The belief of reincarnation started 3k years ago in the time of the Aryan conquest of India, Persia and the Bakhtrian regions. The Aryan race brings the modern, civilized and glorious culture. The religion of the Aryan race, especially of the Indo-Aryans has one key fragment- the reincarnation.

These teachings spread all over the world. The Aryan race conquered nearly the entire world and the great Aryan empires ( the Indian and the Persian) through Hinduism and Zoroastrianism spread the concept of reincarnation all the way through Europe, North Africa, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet and even Japan.
The concept of reincarnation is no doubt one of the most popular and there are several ways to know if you experienced a past life. Read them and see for yourself:

1. Deja Vu

Every single one of us experienced deja vu at some point in our lives. That’s a terrifying feeling that we already experienced the certain moment at a certain time. The science and many neurologists have some explanation, but this phenomenon is still not defined. However, it is a clear sign of the possibility of reflection of other dimensions. Some others believe that is a clear revealing of past life experience. If you experience deja vus too often, this is a good sign that you’ve experienced past life.


Some people have really powerful dreams. If you are a dreamer and sometimes you have very emotional, unexplainable dreams that you feel strongly connected to- it might be a reflection or a hidden message from your past existence.

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Many people who believe they lived a past life remember having unusual fears and phobias in their childhood. Undefined fears and phobias from the past life may stay with us and transfer to the new form of existence.


Definitely, this is the most common and disturbing signs. There are cases of young adults and children who have clear memories from their past lives. It is astonishing and disturbing. The science still has no answer how a child born in Africa met her old parents from the previous life in India. She remembered EVERYTHING and this case ( although many others were evident in the past, this is a new case in the 21st century)  put the science on its knees and it is a great prove that past life is not just a concept.




If you lived your past life in another century you will be most likely connected with that period. You will have a strong affinity for the culture and the time period you lived into and you will be always connected, this way or that way, with the way of life back at the time when you walked on Earth during your previous form of existence.


Source: Conscious Reminder

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