Pick a Rune & Discover Its Message For You

The RUNES are an ancient alphabet system which is believed to be created and used by the Celts, the Vikings, and the Germans back in the beginning of the first century. The word RUNE could be translated to “whisper” or “holy secret”. The ancient people believed that each rune has a sacred power, hidden energetic message and offers intuitive guidance. There are 24 runes in total and each rune holds strong energy and symbolism. In this article, you have all runes and their meanings and symbolism.
The runes, back at the time, were carved onto wood, stones, bones etc. The ancient people, especially the Vikings, cared a lot about their own runes and some even tattooed them on their bodies. Every family kept their runes in a sacred cloth pouch.

Each individual selected his own runes in the same way as a tarot card. The choice of Runes was a sacred ceremony in which, as they believed, every individual could see their destiny.

However, the ritual was similar to tarot. Just like many cards spread, there are also many different runes spreads as well, which can be used to receive spiritual messages and guidance.

Your Own Rune Reading

  1. Take a moment to think about a question you may have or something you need guidance on. Really get clear about your question.
  2. Once the question is clear in your mind, take a look at the image below of the Runes. Pick 1 Rune that stands out to you the most.

FEHU– symbolizes wealth and could be a sign that money is on the way or you will benefit from your hard work. However, might be a fortunate sign to focus more on your business or career.

URUZ: this rune symbolizes strength and power, sends the message that you need to stand up for yourself and take ownership of your life. This rune also symbolizes a high sexual energy and fertility.

THURISAZ: This is the runes that symbolizes struggle or hardship. If you chose this rune ir is time for you to deal with your painful situations and FACE THE TRUTH.

ANSUZ: this Rune symbolizes the “Divine Breath” and indicates that your own intuition is powerful and strong. This Rune can also indicate stepping into a healing role or consulting a Shaman. Could also be a sign of spiritual awakening and a need to tap into your own psychic abilities.

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RAIDHO: this Rune symbolizes a cycle or journey. Perhaps you are in the middle of a significant cycle in your life or perhaps you are preparing to take a trip somewhere. This trip is likely to be enlightening. Can also indicate safe protection while travelling or a need to travel abroad.

KAUNAS: this Rune symbolizes creativity, inspiration and wisdom. You have all the insight you need to solve the problem or situation that is arising for you. Remove any anxiety or fear you have to surround the situation and remember that you have the power to come up with a solution. Could also indicate that you need to let go of the past or let go of old habits in order to see clearly.

GEBO: this Rune symbolizes a gift and means that an unexpected good fortune could be coming your way! This is a positive omen for all matters pertaining to love and relationships, it is also a positive omen for fertility. This is one of the luckiest symbols and indicates generosity from the Universe- be sure to give back some too.

WUNJU: this Rune symbolizes joy and the achievement of goals. You have been working hard and can now sit back and relax. The time to enjoy your life is now, so perhaps take a breather and plan a day of relaxation for yourself. This Rune can also indicate the successful completion of a goal.

HAGALAZ: this Rune symbolizes the storm and indicates that some much needed change is on the way. You can no longer get by doing what you have been doing, instead, you need to make some changes for your health, well being and peace of mind. It is time to let go of destructive, self-sabotaging patterns and begin loving yourself again.

NAUDIZ– this is the rune of the unfulfilled desires. Probably you have a big dream waiting to come true. It seems that you have to fight for it as hard as possible.

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ISA: This rune translates to ICE and indicates that is time for a big break. If yo uchose this rune you need to be patient and accumulate positive energy.

Jara: this Rune symbolizes cycles and indicates that you are about to start a new one. Perhaps you are feeling more productive and motivated now to start a new chapter. It may be time to clear out the old in order to make way for the new. Is also a positive omen for growth and fertility.

EIHWAZ: this Rune symbolizes a need to confront your fears and to become aware of how you are allowing fear to rule over your life or the situation. This Rune also indicates a life-changing transformation that is going to help you discover your true purpose. Can indicate a difficult time, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

PERTHU: this Rune symbolizes magic and indicates that you are a powerful being with magical powers! You have the ability to create the outcome here and to direct your energy in the way you want things to go. Let the Universe know what you need and you will be helped. Also a good omen for enhancing psychic powers.

ALGIZ: this Rune symbolizes protection and indicates that you are being offered Divine guidance and protection during this time. Support is all around you, all you need to do is be open to asking for help. Could also indicate that you need to pay attention to your health both physically and spiritually.

Sowulo: this Rune translates to “Sun” and indicates a very positive outcome. Your vitality and strength is being increased now and things are falling in your favor. This is a very lucky omen when it comes to your health and career. Lots of good vibes are being sent your way right now so use them to your advantage.

TEIWAZ: this Rune symbolizes duty and discipline. It is time to take care of the details and to look at things a little more closely before proceeding further. Don’t be quick to make a decision or take action. Also indicates a time of rest and healing is needed.

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BERKANA: this Rune symbolizes healing and indicates that it is time to make a fresh start. The past is in the past, and now it is time to look forward and build your strength up. New beginnings are on the way, you first just need to take care of yourself.

EHWAZ: this Rune symbolizes movement and indicates that it is perhaps time to take a step forward or finally take that leap of faith. Perhaps you need to get out of your head and into your body more. Also indicates that communicating your truth is going to be very beneficial to you now.

MANNAZ: this Rune translates to “man” and indicates issues pertaining to friends, family or even your community. Perhaps it is time to adjust some of the relationships in your life or to reconsider if they are really serving you. Also a good omen for supportive family and friends- perhaps they can help provide some further guidance or support?

LAGUZ: this Rune symbolizes emotions and things from the subconscious mind. Hidden thoughts and feelings are rising to the surface now and it is time to pay attention to the truth. Don’t shy away from your intuition or emotions, instead use them as a guide. You may need to do some releasing work in order to clear any heavy emotions.

INGWAZ: Work and productivity. This rune will be your positive talisman in every single way when it comes to your personal success and achievements. This is the perfect time for you to move ahead towards fulfilling your dreams.

DAGAZ: these runes indicates strong happiness, positive energy and satisfaction. The word dagaz translates to ‘day’ and it’s a symbol of the daylight and the positive energy.

OTHALA: this rune symbolizes a strengthening of all family bonds. If you chose this rune it means that you will significantly improve the relations with your family and also, check out if your family needs you this period.


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