If You Possess 10 Of These 12 Qualities, You Are A True Wolf Among The Sheep

The biggest heroes of our time are the unknown heroes, the silent warriors, the fighters in the shadow. Young boys and girls dream to become a hero like the superheroes from Marvel comics, but are you really a lone ranger, the lone wolf? Do you have the power to stay strong even if you are alone? Are you able to fight back and face fear in any position you’ve been put to?

ARE YOU A WOLF? This is a hard question. If the wolf is your spirit animal and if you have the spunk, purposefulness, diligence and never-ending desire to achieve great success- well, you have the basics. The modern wolves are leaders of the packs who move like sheep. To be a wolf in these hard times is a great con. The following 12 attributes will give you the answer if you are a wolf. In these hard times, wolves guard the sheep against all dirty, poisonous snakes and rats trying to corrupt this world. If you possess 10 of these 12 attributes- YOU ARE A WOLF:

1. The wolf is fiercely savage

The wolf is one with nature and when it comes to protecting the pack he is a real savage. If you are fiercely protective of the people you love, if you are impulsive when it comes to their safety and if you are able to do anything to save your honor- that means that you have one of the attributes.

2 Are you singularly determined?

Wolves are known for their singular determination. If you are good at cunning and if you have strong social skills, but still value your solitude and individuality more- you got one more trait.

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3. You are brave and unique

You are fearless just like a wolf and you surpass even the biggest fears of one human being- you accept yourself as you are. You are not afraid to accept that you are unique and special.

4. Wolves are proud creatures

If you are a wolf that means that you have a big pride. Anyway, the strong wolves know how to make a difference between pride and honor. However, if you are a wolf you won’t let you submit to an inferior creature in any kind of situation.

5. Wolves are protective

If you are wolf you will know what this means, if you are not- NEVER go after someone who’s protected by a wolf. Wolves know how to fight.

6. The wolf is an excellent leader

If you are a true wolf you’ve already acknowledged your leadership qualities. Wolves are natural born leaders and it’s their duty to lead the sheep.

7. The wolf is loner

You love your individuality and you want to spend time alone. You have your own rituals and secrets.

8. The wolf defines and worships freedom

The wolf knows what true freedom is.

9. The wolf is true to its nature

As we already said, the wolf accepts himself as it is and is comfortable in his own skin.

10. Wolves are fair

Wolves value justice more than anything. Wolves base their social connections and actions on justice. They are fair and they believe in karma.

11. Wolfs are NOT merciful

As we already said, wolves’ imperative is justice. Mercy equals weakness and unfairness.

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12. Wolves love the dark of the night

If you are a wolf, this is your favorite part of the day.


Source: ConsciousReminder

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