It Is Possible To Heal The Body With The Mind, And There Is Scientific Proof To This

The mind(brain)  is probably the most important human organ. everything that happens, our whole universe is hidden inside our brain and all of our memories are stored there. The power of this divine organ is simply huge. However, it seems that us, as human beings, are still far away from finding the biggest secrets of our brain and its capabilities.

The mind is the control center of everything we do. The mind controls everything and if we know this, then- the mind can completely destroy all signs of any disease from the body.

The modern medicine ignores spirituality and the modern docs tend to heal their patients with drugs only. Anyway, you really have the chance to heal yourself. There is proof of this idea.

Do you believe in miracles?? What if combine miracles with science? Well- that’s what makes people believe and turn the miracle into a ‘fact’. Either way, some scientists, and enthusiasts tried to find out the truth using both science and spirituality.

Lisa Rankin, during a recent TED talk, explained what does it mean to heal with thought alone. She explained that the placebo effect has a huge power over the way we think and function, repairing our imperfections. The modern medicine struggles with this and wants to prove that its nonsense. Why? Because their multi-trillion dollar pharma industry will become USELESS.

According to a paper published in the Journal of Projective Techniques in 1957, a man called Mr. Wright was given a medication and told that the drug would cure his cancer. After taking the medication, his tumors shrunk drastically. Upon realizing the drug didn’t really work, his cancer grew again. He was then administered, what he was told, was a better version of the same drug, and his tumors shrunk once again, half the size! Unfortunately, news broadcasts reported that all versions of the drug were worthless. The next day, the cancer patient died. Because of his beliefs, his mind took control over every aspect of his body and repaired what was wrong. When the placebo was revealed for what it really was, the doubts, depression and frustration defeated the patient’s will to live.

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The power of mind must be never underestimated. The best and easiest way to start healing yourself is to let your brain respond to stress and pain with a RELAXATION. Do you know the power of a true relaxation? That will clearly stimulate the brain to find your illnesses and heal them. Of course, not to mention that stress, fear, anxiety will be gone immediately if you succeed to relax good enough for this. But, remember, you always need to keep the balance. Stay in the real world, don’t lose yourself in your thoughts. If you want to reach the heights of your brain and use its power- you need tons of positive energy. That’s why you need to keep your surrounding always positive. Now, please watch this epic video below:


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