10 Ways To Recognize Someone From Your Past Lives

Many people from high spiritual circles, people who worked hard on their spirituality and searched for answers, say that we travel through lives in circles. These circles are families of souls, usually, between the fifth and the ninth decade, that reincarnate together and have different roles each cycle.

This means that it is inevitable to meet at least one person from our past life. According to these teachings, the people from our own clusters and their energy will be strongly connected to us our whole life, but we need to recognize the signs that we have met a person from our past life. These are 10 signs that will help you recognize such person:

1. You recognize those eyes:

When you see that person, you will feel something in their eyes. You will know those eyes, will look very familiar to you and you will also recognize the energy of the body that will be very familiar to you.

2. Telepathic bond

People who used to be lovers and intimate friends in their past lives are often telepathically connected. They often think about each other and they suddenly meet, they often read their own thoughts and have the perfect non-verbal communication.

3. Unacceptable sexual attraction

If you have a strange, undefined sexual feelings and urges to be with a person that is related to you, is much younger or older than you or even a married person, there is a huge possibility that those unwanted feelings are a product of an old, strong connection from your past lives. There is a big chance that you’ve been lovers in the past life.

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4. Someone’s always angry with you

If someone in your life is constantly reaproaching you and tries to put you down for no reason that means that you are connected with that person and have unsolved issues from the past life. If there is a whole barrier of negativity between you and that person which constantly creates conflict situations- there is a big possibility that you and that person were enemies in the past life and have an unsolved business (neither of you is aware of it).

5. The feeling of guilt

If you feel guilty about some people and you have serious problems to satisfy them and their needs, if you feel the urge to help them, there is a big possibility that you knew that person centuries ago. The constant need to make it up to them means that you did something bad to that person in the past life, and your inner spirit is finding a way using ur body to make it up to that person you hurt in the past life.

6. Butterflies

If you feel butterflies in your stomach every time you meet this person that could be a sign that you are in love, but if it’s followed by the constant feeling of unrest and discomfort- you probably met someone from your past life. This has nothing to do with love and positivity, but with anxiety and sadness. You will wait for something bad to happen each time you meet that person. That means that the person played an important unknown role in your past life.

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7. You like the same things

We will often find people who like the same things as us. But if you meet someone that is equally obsessed with the things you love, ESPECIALLY if it is about a specific time period in history- you just meet a person from your past life.

8. You complement each other perfectly

If you finish each other’s sentences, if you do magical  creative things at work, if your connection results with pure excellence in everything you do together- that means you find a soulmate from your past life.

9. Instant Bonding

This is the most common and easiest way to see if you have a strong connection with someone long before you were even born in your actual shape. You will feel why when you meet that person. Your heart will start pounding so hard and you will lose your breath. It will be a strong connection from day one- you will feel that you know the person your entire life.

10. Instant aversion

This is just like the example above, but in the opposite direction. If you meet someone and you’re instantly disgusted and can’t stand in their presence even though you know nothing about them- it means that you knew this person in your previous life.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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