’It’s Karma, Baby!’ 5 Reasons Why Emotionally Intelligent People Never Retaliate

Karma- one of the most popular religious and spiritual concepts in the history of humanity. The Aryan tribes who invaded India brought a new religion with them, a new spiritual teaching. Karma was part of them. The micro-macro cosmos connection is something that amazes the human capacity to understand the existence of higher purpose and meaning in life and, of course, other dimensions. But when you are an intelligent and spiritually rich person you know how to use these teachings and implemented in your everyday life.

Most of the people will clearly say that sometimes avenging ourselves give us the satisfaction and closure we’re looking for to find the inner peace and bring justice. However, this is not true. The strong people know that every negative action takes huge consequences as well as they know that nothing goes unpunished. Sooner or later, the universe will be in a perfect balance. ‘What goes around comes around’- this is absolutely true, but sometimes we need to let the universe do the job. These are 5 reasons why intelligent people never retaliate:

1. You know when it’s important to pick your battles

A smart person will know when it’s the time to risk everything and start a war. Trying to make something evil to someone brings the great possibility for you to lose everything that you already have. Be always calm and aware which battles could be easily won and which battles might result in total defeat.

2. If you take revenge for yourself the consequences could be dire

If you take the justice in your hands you may make a crucial mistake. As we already said, every action has equal opposite reaction. Be aware that karma’s not having your same ‘sense of justice’ and maybe you may find yourself in the position to suffer.

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3. The best revenge is living well

There is no bigger punishment for all of your haters than to see you happy and satisfied. Try to live your life with full speed, to enjoy every moment and not to care about the others. Trust me, you will feel the change in energy immediately.

4. It’s much more satisfying to watch karma take care of it

Of course, there is nothing better than this. Could you just imagine how good it is to know that the whole universe is ‘on your side’. Well, be patient and keep your heart and soul pure. If you believe in justice and karma-you will witness that they truly exist sooner or later.

5. Letting karma do it for you keeps your hands clean

This was the most obvious reason, probably. Sometimes when you want to take a revenge many things could be at stake such as your safety, reputation, job, money, family and sometimes even your life. Letting karma do it is certainly the easier and safer way.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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