There Is No Need To “Let Go” Or “Move On” – Trust Your Own Inner Knowing

The Twin Flames are very often hugely misunderstood. When we’re told to move on, to let go or cut off, sometimes it is impossible to hear the advice. Sometimes it is more important to FIGHT our battles and take responsibility.

With your life experience, sooner or later, you will come to the realization that the ‘Twins’ should find the RIGHT place that let their counterpart occupy in their hard and fight it to win it bakc- not cut it off and let it go. Your final mission is to continue your life and find the space and time where you can love freely again and feel pure happiness.


Twins are telepathically and very, very strongly connected. Sometimes it is uncontrollable and that’s why most of the people decide to ‘let it go’. However, the Twin Flame journey is only raising your inner flames in order to open yourself up and start searching for a true, unconditional love. You can use this positive vibration to build and fix your social connections. The suffering, the pain, and the fear are an only distraction, psychological effects that you need to face and beat them from you positive vibrational standpoint. This is why letting it go is a bad idea. You have the power and you just need to use it. The acknowledgment of yourself will be the first step to purifying your soul, getting over it for real and enabling yourself to find true love. Of course, this will happen when you truly ready.

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If you feel broken for ‘releasing’ your counterpart, even if it’s a friend, soul mate, family, ex-partners etc; you need to know that the IGNORANCE is the worst thing you could do. As we already said, you need to face your problems and solve them.

If ‘readers’ try to tell you to let go, move forward or forget, that is because they are hanging tight and you are weak, obsessed with the outcome. You have no balance, you are distracted and probably disconnected from your inner self. Be always strong, never let anyone influence your own decision. When you’re in the ‘middle ground space’ many readers will try to use your weakness.

It is extremely hard to finally get over with the most important struggle in your life. You know that the connection between the soulmates or the twin flames is way stronger and complicated that we could imagine. The connection is sacred and very strong, in many cases is a reflection of our past lives or just a continuation of one strong bond between two souls. You will feel DETACHED. However, if you want to know if you are finally free and able to love again, you need to know that only the positive vibrations around you can tell.

If you are finally ready to start new romantic love, you will feel the joy of freedom. Don’t you dare think that Twin Flames FORGET about themselves. They never do. If you’re over with your twin flame, that means that you are able to look him/her in the eye, know everything and stay wise and calm. That means that the connection is dead and you really move on. Fear, anxiety, pain- they will disappear forever. This is the difference between running away and being a victor, both of your own soul and your own 3d life.

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