Time Of Collective Awakening: Releasing The Eons-Old Darkness

THERE IS SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW ON EARTH. Ancient darkness is being released right now from the planetary light grids as well as from the energy fields of every human being on Earth. Radical changes are drastically going to ‘shake up’ the world as we know it. The time of COLLECTIVE AWAKENING has just begun!

The first phase of the awakening will be coming in two years and it’s very likely that the Starseeds on our planet will be told to awaken. This will help them to come in line with their true light, aura, energy, and all dimensional purposes. This process will last until 2032, after that we will enter a new phase.

In the next phase, the humanity will have to make a huge decision- are we finally going to erase the DARKNESS in our world? That is the second phase- we need to clear out our ancient darkness. We will need to figure out things in our lives that aren’t associated or related to love and positivity, throw them out of our lives and finally, let unity and love guide everything.


The truth is that our planet has been a DARK PLANET for thousands of years. The darkness had been piling up for years and years, and now the humanity succeeded to release the darkness both with how we treat the nature, the spirits and how we treat ourselves, as humans. On the other hand, let this process be an experiment in separation consciousness.

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The thing you have to do is use the starseeds and try to receive and accept their message. Try to learn their way and, of course, get rid of the negative, dark side of yourself by using the huge positive energy that will blast out of our planet. However, most of us don’t even know about the concept of Spiritual Awakening. That needs to be changed.

We need all of us to help each other and we all need to understand that the Spiritual Awakening is a COLLECTIVE thing, not individual. Some of us have lower energy frequencies based on their DNA, some of us are pure sources of negativity… That’s why the Spiritual Awakening needs to be collective and ABSOLUT change. It is time for the humanity to understand the importance of this process.

Source: ConsciousReminder

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