The 3 Best Women To Marry (According To Astrology): Everyone Kneels In Front Of The Third!

The zodiac signs are a hidden treasure, a secret passion of the humanity. Zodiacs have been part of our collective culture for millenniums. Some people are skeptical, but still, there is a fact that you can learn a lot about you only according to the month you were born in. The ‘believers’, on the other hand, use zodiacs as their huge help and big advice when it gets messy or when they need to make some important decision.

If you believe in zodiacs, in this article you will see who are the perfect women to marry according to the zodiac signs.


Cancers are, first of all, incredibly emotional women. What’s even more important about them is the fact that they are not afraid to share their feelings, they are always honest and open. Their happiness is determined by your happiness, the connection is a strong bond, unbreakable on first sight. If you have cancer in your life, you are very happy- she will try to please you in every single way. This makes cancers great wifes.

However, there is a small negative mark. Of course, nobody is perfect, but cancers (as wifes) are close to that. Anyway, you have to be aware that because of their emotional profile, there is a high possibility that drama will be involved in your life. Cancers are emotional and they may outburst in front of anyone. That’s why you have to be very careful how you behave if you want the blessing to share your life with a cancer. They are also great cooks and love to live in a warm, cozy home. If you are interested in children- cancers put them first before anything and they are willingly sacrificing their material world to give their best to the children. Cancers are great mothers, they just need honest husbands who will show them true love.

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Well, with Aries it is not that simple. If you are willing to marry an Aries, be ready to show great dedication and be ready to do anything to make it work. Aries are incredibly hard-headed and stubborn, they have goal-driven personality and are often searching for personal individual excellence.

As we already said, Aries woman will expect something new, something original and passionate all the time. They like supportive and engaging boys, so if you are interested in Aries and want to marry her, know that you will have to be always around them showing how significant they are to you.

On the other hand, Aries are down-to-earth and they are very pragmatic and successful. If you are with Aries they will pull you up with them and also help you succeed. They are perfect motivators and partners.

When it comes to children- this is a perfect choice. There’s nothing else to said- they love children and they want to have many. Aries are STRICT with kids and if you have an Aries to be the mother of your child, you have nothing to worry about. You will get perfection, or at least something close to that because, as they say, there is no perfect parent. However, she will know how to make the perfect balance between love and discipline.

3. LEO

If you’re looking for a Leo wife- then get ready for a bumpy ride! Leos are women with a sword for a tongue, they accept no refuse or denial, they have a tendency to be harsh and straightforward, so they need a strong man. They need a man with iron nerves and positive nature. On the other hand, he really needs to be passionate because there is no woman as incredibly charming, passionate and lovable than Leo. They have independent nature and they are all little “stars” in their own worlds. That’s why you need to be very careful how do you engage their world.

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It will be really hard to establish a strong relationship, but know this- even if you had some heavy fights and conflicts, you will never find a more loyal and dedicated partner than a Leo. She will know where, when and how to make you happy if you’re feeling extremely sad. Leo woman knows exactly what a true, passionate, pure love is and she will give it to you like there is no tomorrow.

When it comes to children and family, a Leo woman will fight (even physically) to protect her partner and family. Leos are very protective and nobody is messing around with their family. They are some kind of ‘mama-bears’.

Leos are naturally strong and they need a strong man that will make them company through the life journey. If you’re looking for this kind of girl, make sure that you can match her power and passion.

Source: Peace Quarters

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