If You Experience Any Of These Eight Signs You’ve Just Crossed To The Fifth Dimension

Spirituality is what this world is missing in the 21st century, even the social discussions on these topics are not so popular anymore. However, you’ve discussed with someone about the higher dimensions and our connections to them. Some of us even experienced such journey…

It is known that there are several parallel dimension and some souls are able to transcend the boundaries and go back and forth them. When a soul is passing through the different dimensions the mind and the character of that person changes permanently.

The strength of the energy in the other dimensions leaves strong marks. We are all adjusted to function in 3D and we are afraid to open our minds and look for something bigger. When we beat the fear we are ready to shift to the 4th dimension and experience true enlightenment. The area of heart enters first and that will makes us happy and kind. However, the 5th dimension is way different and we are surrounded with different emotions, spiritual energy of highest level and a true enlightenment. If you are not sure that you or someone else crossed over to the 5th dimension, here are 8 signs to make you sure:

1. The world starts looking like a better, much prettier place than it really is. You will feel the peace and the happiness in your soul, you will be free of judgment and you will notice a lot of beauty in all things. You will be the witness of everything.

2. There will be no more blockade separating you from perceiving divine messages. You will be able to hear what the higher energies command of you and they will guide you through your everyday life. These messages could also be a connection with your ancestors or even people close to you who are gone.

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3. You will develop yourself into a positive person with way more positive outlook to life in general. You will smile more, be happier, feel safer, feel more connected with your surroundings etc. Your stability and wisdom will make you feel satisfied and live every day with full breath.

4. You rise above all of your fears, but most importantly, you rise above the fear of time. You will be able to fully understand the concept of time and you won’t bother yourself with deadlines anymore. You accept the things as they are and use your wisdom to overcome any obstacles on your path, that’s how you will feel full happiness- free of all of your fears.

5. Superhero powers- this is probably the most interesting and important part. You will understand how the humans misguided you with their wrong, illusional concepts of space and time. You will have the ability to understand the power of creation and you will be able to move objects, see-through things, have greater strengths, move through objects, walk through solid surfaces etc.

6. You will bounce off negativity all around you. You will a spring of positivity. You will be no longer affected by negativity and you will spread your positivity wherever you go. Nobody is able to bring you down- it’s all up to you if you want to change the people around you.

7. You will believe the omens that this world sends you away and all of the little guidance from the higher dimension will look like a big preparation for a better tomorrow. You might feel absolutely powerful, but you will have the patience to prepare for another stage of the soul journey. You won’t be fascinated by the material goods in this world.

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8. You may experience transfers of your mind and body in different periods of time, both in past and future. This happens because you are aware of the plot-holes in the concepts of space and time and you’re going to use them.

All of these signs suggest that the people who are spiritually strong and know how to see, feel and even manipulate the energy. Of course, this happens after divine enlightenment and shift to the 5th dimension. Anyway, you have to work A LOT on yourself if you even think of achieving such spiritual enlightenment and gaining these superpowers.

Source: SimpleCapacity

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