Find Your Guardian Angel Easily Using Numerology – It’s All In Your Date Of Birth

Archangels…. Beautiful creatures from the Bible. One of the most beautiful concepts in the history of humanity. However, we always think of guardian angels as strong human beings with wings and strong energy, but maybe they have another form, maybe they are all the time around us and we don’t see them.

We’ve all heard various stories about Guardian Angels. Of course, every single one of us asked the question: ‘Do I have a guardian angel?’ Well, in this article we can help you find the answer to that question. Actually, it’s easy to ‘track’ guardian angels using numerology.

1. Note down your Birth date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.

2. Add the numbers from left to right, for example, 22/08/1991 = 2+2+8+1+9+9+1 = 32.

3. Add the result to reduce to only one digit, 3+2 = 5. Thus, the person has a 5 lifepath in terms of Numerology. That’s how you find your own life path.

Having a repetitive number in Step 2, like 11, 22, 33 or 44 means you’ve got a Master lifepath! Do not add it up again.

4. Now according to your lifepath, look through the list to find out which one is your Guardian Angel!

ONE- Your Archangel is Raguel (28/10/1), -Hero- This lifepath makes you ‘The Pioneer’. When you need strength and you’re feeling weak, call Raguel to help you defend yourself.

TWO and ELEVEN: Your Archangel is Uriel (29/11/2) Keyword-Light- If you have this life path chosen, this is ‘The Peacemaker’ and master 11 lifepath is ‘The Holy Messenger’. Your Archangel Uriel will show you the light in your darkness and will give you the power to make a good judgment when you’re in doubt.

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THREE- Your guardian angel is Jophiel (39/12/3) Keyword -Freedom- if this is your lifepath, you are ‘The communicator/The Artist. Jophiel will give you creativity, open your mind, bring happiness to your soul. Jophiel is a great motivator and he will always keep you motivated to finish your work.

FOUR and TWENTY-TWO: your Archangel is Haniel (31/4) Keyword -Garden- this 4 lifepath is known as ‘The Builder’ and 22 as ‘The Master Builder’. Haniel gives always suggestions to improve yourself. Haniel is strong morality keeper and he will always be there to help you build yourself as a strong, independent person.

FIVE: if you have this result, your Archangel is Jeremiel(41/5) Keyword -Pyramid’ or ‘Yin Yang’- this lifepath makes you ‘The Rebel’. Jeremiel will help you solve all your problems and establish good social connections.

SIX and THIRTY-THREE: your guardian angel is Michael(33/6)Keyword -Teacher- having the lifepath 6 you are ‘The Lover, if you have master 33 as lifepath, you are ‘Master Teacher’. The head angel Michael can be summoned by all and he is the destroyer of negativity.


Be aware that all archangels have divine powers and there is noone better or stronger than the other. If you have your own guardian angel that means that you are supposed to work on yourself and those threats that may be your weakness.



Dear Archangel (name), I am thankful for always having you by my side and for keeping me safe. I hope to bond with you. Help me face my fears and guide me through difficulties that come my way. I pray to you to show me the right path. When I have you beside me, I believe in myself. Thank you for supporting me through thick and thin. I’m happy to have you with me.

To keep the bond strong with your Archangel, you must never forget to keep praying, calling his name and keeping the faith. Archangels will be always there to help you if you summon them.

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