Light Body/Merkaba Activation – 8 Signs That You Are Finally Experiencing It

Merkaba is the state of a total awareness and spiritual divinity. You can achieve Merkaba activation in a spiritual field full of love, positivity and fueled by the LIGHT and your soul is awakened. Of course, this will let you easily enter the 4th and the 5th dimension or reach different spiritual forms. Here are some signs of Merkaba activation- you can check out if it’s happening to you:

1. Intense sadness:

Sadness will become part of your everyday life. You won’t even know why you’re sad, but you will feel it how strong it is and you will feel haunted. The sadness is an accumulation of the negativity all around you and the special perception.

1. Intense physical pain:

You might feel strong physical pain. You will feel like it’s a chronic pain. This happens because when the light body forms and many changes take place at the genetic level which gives rise to physical pain. This is actually an unnatural pain that might scare you, but be not afraid-it’s the beginning of Makabra activation.

3. Though time at work:

You won’t be able to focus on your professional activities. You won’t be able to focus at all. You will feel that the job is useless at the time and takes away your wholeness in life. But, that might also be abstract and absurd thinking. In the 3D world, we have to find the balance between the material and spiritual reality.

4. Sleep:

If you oversleep a lot, if you feel tired and change your sleep patterns-there might be something with the light body. You may wake up and cry about something, you may feel nightmares etc. Those dreams are often realistic and vivid.

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5. Isolation

You will feel the need to be alone, isolated from all human beings around you. Your solitude will bring you closer to the answers of your questions and the depths of your soul.

6. Afloat:

During Merkaba, you may feel like you’re floating. You will feel like you are pulled by some inexplicable force towards the sky and you will feel the light as a strong part of the material reality.

7. Sensitivity to light:

The light will become something very important in your life. You will feel the special connection and you will see all shapes and manifestation of light, even in other dimensions.

8. Consciousness

This will be the final stage of the Makabra activation. If you start becoming aware of what’s happening to you and build strong consciousness for all the things that are about to happen- you will unlock yo key to the light body.

Source: Higher Consciousness

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