The Importance Of Sex In Every Relationship

According to the Taoist’s belief, there are two kinds of energy in the world that fulfill each other. One of them is considered to be the feminine energy, widely known as “Yin”, and the other one is the masculine energy also known as “the Yang”.

There are other definitions of these energies like the “Animus” and “Anima” but they have to do more with the person’s ego, and for now, we’ll stick to the others.

These energies are the main reason for the so-called ” connection” that connects and somehow manages to find a way to bring two individuals together throughout the whole universe.

It’s very important to know that these energies as has been noted are in constant interaction between each other and they are a force like no other, that’s constantly working on drawing the individuals towards each other.However we’ve all heard about our “other half” and without it, we feel like somethings missing like we are incomplete.

So we can easily conclude that sexual energy is a complex subject, more than just basic instinct, but in order to understand this more, you can start as thinking of it as a form of unexplainable sparkle between two people. Of course, there has to be physical attraction and as people like to call it at times chemistry between them so that the deeper intimacy can happen.

As a matter of fact it’s true that sex is the primal fundamental need just like hunger or thirst, but it’s our job as a conscious human beings to give more meaning to it, other than the need, and nature’s way of reproduction, because it’s the deeper meaning and the conscious mind about the things around us that separates us from the animals, including sex.

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So, in order to become intimate with a person, first, you have to connect with the person on a spiritual and intellectual level. Your bond is needed to be always taken care of as something special.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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