They Fear You Because of Your Power & Strength

Do you sometimes feel like some people are threatened by you, without any particular reason? Well, sometimes people hate us or just can’t stand us because they are afraid of our positive treats. Some people are sweet-talkers and manipulators who use lies to build their social connections, but honest and sincere people are their biggest enemies. Some others, hate the success of their friends and family and you need to be always cautious.

The haters will stab you in your back and try to sabotage you because you know what you really want in life and which are your life goals. They do that because of their own complexes and insecurities. It has nothing do to with you, but, suddenly, you may become their target, their enemy.

The haters will be always afraid of you even they show aggressive or passive-aggressive behavior towards you. If you are successful, happy and fulfilled- DO NOT LET THEM HAVE THE UPPER HAND. Those people are highly frustrated because they don’t know who they really are. They wore masks for their entire life and they use people as ‘tools’.
They may also hate you because you don’t want to play their game or invite them in your life. Many haters and sociopaths want to live on your back, on your own success. Don’t let them do it- nobody likes parasites in their lives.

They will also be frustrated if you show them how much you DON’T NEED THEM. They want to feel in control and have power over you. If you take that away from them- you will scare them for sure.

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The biggest fear of all is if you’re going to reveal their true face or not. If they feel your spiritual power and insights, be assured that they will be afraid because they will know how your eyes ‘observe’.

However, care about yourself and the people who deserve your attention. Try to help the haters, try to socialize them and show them your path, but if you feel the hatred and negativity are too strong- just let it go- erase all toxic people from your life.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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