Twin Flames: The Runner And Fear Of Love

One of the biggest paradox in this world is the fear of love. Is there anything more divine and powerful than love? However, the ignorance is bliss they say. In this article, we have an explanation that will help all of us, but especially the twin flames to overcome the fears of love, the confidence and issues.

If you have a twinflame, or a soulmate, that means that you have a powerful, sacred bond with another person. These bonds may come even from our past lives and the twin flames’ connection is way above our intelligence and the existence of the 3-dimensional world.

On the other hand, the signs of every strong relationship are visible and both partners in the relationship will be both affected. That means that the partners need to be extremely compassionate and be honest with each other. The empathy will solve ALL PROBLEMS.

Many people who have been abused of any kind while they were children, they may have problems to make a physical connection. They would not feel at ease when touch and they are really not used to it. Fear not, if you are sometimes rejected by this kind of person, know that it’s automatic and it has nothing to do with you. Even they don’t know the reason for this behavior.

You can overcome this huge problem with a big sincerity. You need to make your husband/wife open your soul completely and help them get over the issue. Give them support and try to understand them. Sex is a hard and still confusing thing for them, give them time, love and patience- you will make it work!

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The fear of being a parent is also a common issue in the relation between two soulmates, especially if they are married. Some people had problems and complexes from their parents. They reflect the same behavior on their own children and in most of the cases- fear to have a child. Some others are also child abusers and all hell might break loose in your relationship. That’s why you need to be assured that you have your twinflame and make them open their souls completely.

In a twin flame relationship, there is no problem that it could not be solved. Be aware that all of us are messed up more or less. The point is: the greatness of each relationship is how much the partners know about each other and accept themselves as they are. That will make all main issues in marriage disappear.

Source: Conscious Reminder

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