Cosmic Marriage: Your Partner Has Already Been Decided & It Is Set Above

In this article, we will speak about the concept of a true, mystical, determined bond of a twin flame connection. Some bonds are eternal and they are already committed, decided and you have no idea what’s actually happening.

Marriage is the primal institution in each society. The cells of each society is the family, which means that each marriage is a sacred relationship between two people moving the world forward.

However, some concepts claim that some of us may find a true soulmate, partner already determined by the cosmos. If you engage in a relationship with this kind of person- that marriage will last forever and your life will be full of happiness and success.

These are the cases of a determined marriage:

Relationships of the past

Some people believe that their soulmate is a person from their past lives. All feelings and emotions have already been there, deep inside their souls and they find those secret, hidden feelings when they finally meet their twinflame.

Meeting yourself-find your reflection

If you feel the strong, determined bond based on your reflection in your partners you may find the soulmate of your existence. It’s really hard to know someone as a whole, with all depths of their souls. However, if you manage to find the reflection of yourself, it might be a great sign.

Lots of marriages are destroyed because of these two things below that you must always take in consideration if you’re willing to spend your life with someone.

Marriage without a true heart connection

You will feel it when you’re deeply connected to someone else. It’s way above reflection or coincidence- it’s way above the ‘heat of the moment’. The true heart connection defines love, if you don’t feel this powerful feeling, you better stay single. Traditional marriages break because of this, everything could be perfect, but if you don’t love the person- you just can’t live collective life and start a family.

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Positivity and Darkness

If you think you just found your soulmate, give them everything you’ve got. Positivity and cooperation, unity and compassion- that’s what keeps the marriage alive. Do not let darkness spread in your lives, be always together, keep the light of love. The light of love will beat any darkness, but this ‘goblet’ of light needs to be held by the two of you, strong with both your hands, like it’s the last and the first thing you ever possessed. The power of love is the strongest and most valuable thing you can achieve in your marriage.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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