People Who Have Experienced Childhood Emotional Abuse All Share These 9 Habits as an Adult

One thing is for sure, our childhood defines who we are when we grow up. The way we’ve been raised, all of our experiences, especially the shocking ones, in our childhood determine what are we going to turn into when we grow up.

Many children are victims of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse leaves a strong mark in the soul of each tortured child. Physical pain is sometimes uncomparable with the emotional pain and it’s consequences to certain personalities. These are the most common ways that emotionally abused children are going to manifest it in their adult life:


Emotionally abused children may find themselves regularly saying sorry even when there is no need to be sorry. The constant feeling of guilt remains inside them and makes them weaker in their social connections.


Emotional outbursts of anger are very common. It happens unconsciously, but it’s always intense and dramatic. Emotionally abused children need to take care of their anger management because it has tendencies to follow them through their entire life.


Of course, they always avoid conflicts. The confronting situations in their childhood had been handled poorly and the natural response of an adult who has been abused as a child is definitely avoiding conflict.


Emotionally abused children may have strong difficulties to hold eye contact and it makes them anxious.


As an adult, person abused in childhood is most likely to be an introvert. They may have serious problems to let people in their lives and be completely honest with their partners. This is a serious issue that needs to be taken care of.

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Low level of confidence, self-doubt, insecurity and fear. Emotionally abused children will fight with these personal issues for their entire life.


The constant hidden anxiety and fear may surface when they hear loud noises. This is also a shock from their childhood because they were addressed always in hight intonation.


Emotionally abused people have a hard time accepting compliments. Even their own personal success is something unbearable for them because of their own self-doubt and they avoid public appearances, even when they need to receive awards or being specially honored. They don’t want to be in the spotlight.


This is the worst thing that can happen. Note: this happens to the worst cases, children who witnessed and suffered serious abuses. They may lose their empathy and even take the role of ‘torturer’ instead of ‘victim’ in their own search of ‘role’ in the society. The frustrations and fears are sometimes so strong they may result in something disastrous.

Source: Soul Spot TV

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