Do You Have The Rarest Personality Type In The World? How To Know If You’re an INFJ

Have you ever wonder if you have the special type of pesonality, the INFJ? Well, that’s incredibly rare, but the latest scientific revelations claim that there is a hidden population among us, less than 1% who are INFJs. INFJ- introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging.

To explain this easier to you, we must begin with the first and most important treat of them all. Are you an empath?

The empaths are the special type of people among us. They are extremely perceptive, sensitive and have amazing intuition. However, INFJ is something way bigger than an empath. Empaths are considered to be the spiritual leaders of this world, but that’s just a type of personality. Empaths take different life paths and they continue shaping their personalities through their lives. INFJs are empaths who dedicate their life to the higher purpose. Their intuition and judging are extremely important.

INFJs are those people who are able intuitively to know and understand things. They are also able to feel the other people’s feelings and make right decisions.
INFJs are gifted people and they know that the world needs a change and they are going to bring it. Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. are all considered to be INFJ.

Mysterious, diplomatic, emotionally intelligent, persuasive, influential and powerful- if you feel something ‘wrong’ about yourself if you feel like there is something huge expected of you maybe you should check if you are INFJs.

Most of the INFJs are misunderstood and unaccepted. They feel afraid and they know that they are not like the rest of the world. Anyway, that’s not a problem. INFJs are great leaders and the society needs them. Their judgment and compassion is what this world is based on.

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INFJs are people who want going outside, starting adventures and work on big projects. They are able to see through people and they feel evilness, recognize psychopaths and locate manipulators.

They are easy going but very wise. Do you think you know someone who’s INFJs? If you do, please share this story with your friends.


Source: Soul Spot TV

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