The Kundalini Activation: What’s Happening To My Body?

The Eastern spiritual teachings are very strict about the connection between the micro and the macro cosmos, as much as the spiritual connection between the body, the soul, and the universe. One of the greatest spiritual achievements, the release of all chakras is called Kundalini.

The term Kundalini is closely connected to the Hindu religions, but also very popular in some Western mystery schools. There is a confrontation about the true meaning of Kundalini. The whole process of divinity is hard to understand and explain.

To understand Kundalini you need to know how the chakras work. In our bodies, there are seven main chakras aligned with your spine. One at the very base of your spine (root chakra), one a little below your belly button (sacral chakra), one a little above your belly button (solar plexus chakra), one in the center of your chest (heart chakra), one in your throat (throat chakra), one in your forehead (ajna chakra or 3rd eye), and one at the very top of your head (crown chakra).

All chakras work differently, and they have various functions. All chakras are independent and they don’t need to be connected, it is not necessary. However, each chakra is a receptor for energy. If you know how to control your chakras, you know how to control the energy inside your body and spirit.

Many people suffer from their inner fears, childhood shocks and abuses, stress, illnesses etc. If a man succeeds to clear all of his chakras from the negative energy he will achieve Kundalini state of body and mind. Kundalini is also considered to be Goddess, but the experts think that Kundalini as a goddess is just a reflection and anthropomorphism of the sacred soul/body cleaning.

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Meditation and spiritual teachings, as well as hard training, will make you able to control some of your chakras. If you are experienced enough you will be able to clean all your chakras. Spiritual masters are even able to open chakras of other people. Kundalini is, in a way, healing with chakras. On the other hand, it is also a way of self-improvement and reaching spiritual and physical wholeness.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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