You Can’t Screw Up the Relationship With Your Twin Flame

We live in a world of total chaos, mediocrity, hatred, boredom, and evilness. Let’s be honest, the 21st century is not the perfect time for spiritual growth and making strong bonds. All of us live very dynamically and fast live, most of the people are spiritually poor and weak.

However, love is what makes this world still beautiful. The power of love is underestimated, but still strong. Some people want to trade love, label it, make it a tool for achieving their own personal goals, but that’s not a true love. The strongest and most sacred bonding and a connection between two souls, the strongest ‘soul contract’ are when two twin flames unite.

Even in these hard times, twin flames are the perfect example what does it mean to be compassionate, sensitive and love with full heart. When a twin flame enters your life, there might be a lot of reasons. The concept of past life twin flames is most popular, but it seems closest to the truth.

When your soulmate enters in your life for the very first time you will feel the eruption, you will suddenly find the sacred bond inside your soul and your connection may last for a lifetime. Experts think that this happens because the hidden bond comes from the past life connection.

Either way, twin flames are really functioning like they knew each other for a lifetime. That’s what makes the past-life theory even more intriguing. On the other hand, soulmates learn and discover new things about each other and the world around them, but they exist as one and accept the truth, joy, sadness, happiness – all TOGETHER.

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That is one of the most important reasons why twin flames are too hard to break up. They share the same reality, they have the same beliefs and they are going to fight every battle united.

With your twin flame you can remain who you already were and become who you always wanted. It’s important not to let egos prevail. The bond between twin flames is strong, nearly unbreakable, but still, egos must not exist, at least not become an issue in the relationship.

In many cases, one twin flame is the runner and the other one follower. That happens because soulmates are incredibly loyal to each other, but in this case, they didn’t set their priorities straight. You both need to be runners. Twin flames should always fight for MUTUAL success.

If they succeed to stay together in all things, surpass their egos and fight back against the darkness of the material world- be assured- their relationship will last forever. Maybe in the next life too…

Source: Spiritual Unite

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