6 Things You Will Immediately Lose as a Result Of Your Spiritual Awakening6 Things You Will Immediately Lose as a Result Of Your Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual awakening is definitely not the end of someone’s life. Many people say that after a spiritual awakening people change radically and they are never the same. That’s absolutely true, but not in the way they want to describe ‘the change’.

The spiritually awakened people know the truth of the purpose of this 3D life, and they know what they need to pay attention to, what they need to embrace and how to improve themselves, grow bigger as a person.

On the other hand, spiritually awakened people know how important spirituality is for the physical health. They are aware how their divinity affects their mind and body, as well as the people around them. That’s why they permanently lose these 6 things:


Of course, hatred is a deadly toxin that may destroy everyone’s life. If you really ‘hate’ someone, it means that you invest a lot of energy, time and nerves, thinking or trying to sabotage someone who’s definitely not worth it. On the other hand, spiritually awakened people know how bad the negative energy is. Enlightened people are always sources of positivity, or at least know how to ‘manipulate’ the energy and always get rid of negativity.


There is no need to be jealous. First of all, enlightened people have super-perceptive abilities and they feel how others feel about them. Also, they tend to make bonds and connections with people with pure souls and people who really care about them ( and vice versa). People who are spiritually strong are focused on their own success, the success of others can only motivate them to be better.

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Spiritually strong people who experienced real spiritual hights have mind and body completely free. Anxiety is not an issue, even though most of the people in the 21st century are suffering from anxiety. Enlightened people know acknowledged and accepted themselves as they are and they have no inner fears or doubts.


Anger is often connected with unconscious rage. People who have problems with anger management are not self-aware and they are spiritually weak. Self-control and wisdom are one of the key characteristics of spiritually awakening people.


There is no space for insecurity. Spiritually awaken people are dignified, smart and very confident, however, they never act POMPOUS. They are always easy-going and even able to help you with your own insecurities. They know their true nature and never start absurd confrontations, both against other people or themselves.


This is also connected with insecurity, but this is a very serious issue for enlightened people. For them, it is really hard to set up the primal goals, and when they set their primal goals, it is very hard for them to accomplish. They are never selfish and their ‘life missions’ are often connected with making a radical change in the society for the greater good. They feel the huge pressure to change the world as we know it, because they know the TRUTH.

Source: Dream Catcher Reality

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