There Are 6 Types Of Souls In The World! What Type are You?

According to some very interesting and important concepts in the modern philosophy, each one of us plays some exact role already determined. All of this started with the prodigy of the modern psychology- Carl Yung.

During our life journey, as we already said, are determined to have one of the seven roles below. According to some theories (spiritualist), we are born with our role, it’s given to us according to our past lives or the universe. According to some others (psychologists, behavioralists), we’re receiving our role and adapting to it through our life journey based on our personal characteristics. What type of soul do you think you belong to out of these six types?


Servers are the people who have that special type of personality determined to help other people. Server’s primary trait is being a natural caretaker and all servers tend to make the world a better place. Servers are perfectly fitting in all social groups and their professions are most likely going to be a nurse, medical fields, public services, social worker etc. However, Servers’ weakness is strong, because they are very easily abused by other people because of their personality type. They may often become a target of vicious predators and emotional vampires. If you are a server, avoid bad people at all cost and don’t feel obligated to help anyone. Servers comprise 30% of the human population.


The Artisans are the most creative individuals whose whole world lies in the left lobe of their brain. The Artisan is extremely expressive, creative, original and productive. Artisan are responsible for all great technological and artistic discoveries and creations in the history of the human race. Artisans are very crafty and they are considered to be very intelligent people with good sense of aesthetic. They form 22% of the world’s population and they are mostly artists, engineers, mechanics, scientists, architects etc.

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Warriors are true to their name- this is the part of the human population who love to overcome challenges and fight for the goals and dreams. Warriors are the competitive and active type. Warriors are extremely hardy and resistant, they can withstand through heavy physical and emotional punishments. Warriors in most cases are physically strong with muscular bodies, but it doesn’t mean that they need to be physical warriors only. There are also intellectual warriors. However, most of the warriors are often solid, have low voices and appear grounded. That makes a good warrior strong- if you think you belong to this type, you always need to stay solid on your ground, remain silent and use your powers wisely. ‘Rogue’ warriors are often considered intimidating and even as a threat. Warriors form 17% of the population.


Scholar is the curious, inquisitive type of personality. Scholars love spending time in nature, they love acquiring as much knowledge as possible and they love revealing secrets. Scholars are very easy-going, methodical and yet adventurous. Scholars see the knowledge not as a subject, but as a way of life. Scholars are ready to sacrifice everything, to put themselves in danger, all in order to achieve greater knowledge. Scholars are mostly priests, teachers, scientists etc. They form 13% of the world’s population.


Sages are always the sources of positivity in the social group and they are skilled assimilators of wisdom, ‘balls of joy’, joke-boxes and really humorous. They are not the original thinkers, they are not always the intelligent type of people, but still, out of all types, they are most wanted in every social circle. Sages bring balance to all other types. These friendly and fun-loving folks are natural performers and their professions are actors, singers, media workers, entertainers, magicians etc. They form 10% of the population.

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Kings are probably the rarest personality types. They are natural born leaders, extremely charismatic and intelligent, brave and strong-willed. They use their strong personality to assert and command, always making sure that the things are done perfectly and right on time. Kings are always focused, concentrated, ambitious and self-confident. They always go straight to the point, but they are often not aware of their directness. They are good in problem solving, have great intuition and even know how to make great influence in other people’s lives. Kings make 1% of the population and are often politicians, military officers such as colonels and generals, CEOs, corporates etc.

Be aware that many people have mixed 2-3 personality types.

Source: Soul Travel Rules

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