The Dark Side Of Spiritual Awakening

The spiritual awakening can sometimes be really messy. Some of us are stronger, some of us are weaker, but all of us want to make something for the higher purpose, all of us want to become part of something bigger.

The spiritual awakening, as we already said, is a special moment in one’s life, but it is extremely hard to achieve.

Many western spiritual leaders and masters enable spiritual awakening by releasing chakras or just through meditation. These methods are, of course, inevitable, but still, the purpose of spiritual awakening is FINDING THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF, then about the rest of the world and all of the dimensions, visible and invisible.

A lot of people succeeded at one point to achieve some kind of spiritual awakening, this way or that way. However, that is not a full spiritual awakening. The most important part of the powers and abilities given after releasing the chakras or activating the ‘third eye’ need to be controlled.

A person who mechanically only through meditation tried to awake his spirit will quickly accept the fact that things may get messy.

If you seek some abilities and powers you need to have a pure heart to be able to use it. Many people who are not pure at heart, who still haven’t walked the entire path, but took shortcuts, may feel the power of KARMA.

That’s why you always need to be extremely careful. If you engage in spiritual activities, first and the most important rule is FIND THE TRUTH ABOUT YOURSELF, ACKNOWLEDGE YOURSELF. That is for some people the hardest step of them all.

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The only way to release only positive energy through your chakras and fully awake your spirit is to start meditation fully cleansed of negativity, all fears, complexes, weaknesses, frustrations from the past and, of course, to clean your soul of all sins and hatred. Then, you will be able to successfully master pro-level meditation, and MAYBE, seek spiritual awakening.

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