The Best Cures For Ascension Symptoms

In one of our latest articles, we talked about the importance of the ‘pure’ spiritual awakening and gave you tips how not to ‘screw up’ the release of chakras and the divinity of one person. We explained how HARD it is to reach the true spiritual ascension, make an astral projection, manipulate the energy etc. If you want to be copletely purified and to ‘seek the truth’ you need to be pure, ready and experience because ascenscions may bring huge negativity and destroy your life, both physically and emotionally.

Since ever, people are looking for higher purpose of their existence. In the 21st century we are all spiritually very poor (in the bigger picture) and the few exceptions among us are trying hard to find their own truth and seek spiritual divinity. However, in this 3D world is exetremely hard to achieve something like this.

Many spiritual masters and teachers act like ‘fake prophets’. They teach that only with meditation and spiritual ‘tricks’ they could establish the strong body-mind connection and release their chakras. This is wrong in many cases because the first step to achieving divinity and succesful ascencion is ACKNOWLEDGING YOURSELF. There are many other things that you need to take care of, but in this article we will talk more about the side effects and negative symptoms of ascension.


This is the most common symptom. When you release all chakras your body is starting to work way differently. Your body will get rid of all toxins in ‘unnatural’ way, very fast and effective. Also, you will feel tense, your muscles may shake and you may feel strong headaches.

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Remedy: Take some good rest! You need to understand that the ascenscion wastes your body and spirit, not to mention that every singe cell in your body is facing a radical change. It’s the same story with your brain, your whole body is ‘shocked’ and if you need to take a long rest, don’t hesitate. Take all time you need, you won’t regret.


This is also commong because of the release of your pineal glind- the so-called THIRD EYE.

Remedy: This is very hard to ‘fix’. You need to know that the pineal gland in your brain is the center of all spiritual processes. Also, you need to know that your body won’t always respond positively to a radical change, which means you can’t control the processes in your brain no matter how spiritually strong you are. Regulate the amount of water and other substances you consume. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WITH SODIU FLUORIDE!


In one word- you will feel totally UNCOMFORTABLE in your own skin. Things like these will happen to you on daily basis, completely unpredictable and strong. You need to know that there is nothing wrong with you, and just try to stay calm. Close your eyes, take deep breath, focus on something beautiful, let your body and mind enjoy the moment. These symptoms of anxiety are fake and you are stronger than it- just remain calm and focused.


As we already said, you will have ALL anxiety symptoms- sweating, nausea, diziness, tiredness, headaches etc. Of course, that leads to a slight depression. Again, the process of depression is not a real grouding from your ascencion, but its jut a fake impression from the ‘coctail’ of symptoms happening to you.

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Remedy: ‘Clean’ your thoughts, your mind and your heart… When you feel strong and the time is right, try to relase positive energy on high frequencies. The most important thing here is to remain conscious and know that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT. You must never let the stress take you down because this is just a phase and will certainly end as soon as you suceed to relax, focus and spread positivity.


The best possible advice: eat healthily, sleep healthy and remain focused. On the other hand, be relaxed and keep the positivity. The positive spirit will be your strongest weapon. Anyway,  to prevent these groundings, make sure that you are truly READY for ascension.


Source: Spiritual Unite

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