The Dark Side Of Each Zodiac Sign

We’ve already written so many articles about the zodiac signs and their special characteristics. We’ve searched for many aspects of this astrological concept, but we haven’t yet written anything about the ‘dark side’ of the zodiac signs.

In this article, we will try to show you and explain the dark side of each zodiac sign. Note: these are not ‘characteristics’ of each special personalities, but these are the common negative sides and burdens of each sign based on astrology and psychology. Some people say that good-bad opposites are just a concept. However, most of us believe in it and that’s why we must make a clear distinction. Enjoy the list:


Aries are extremely impulsive and tense. Probably, they need to make a universal Aries moto ‘Now! Now! Now! ‘. Along with impatience, Aries are ignorant of all ideas and views different than theirs. Of course, aries dark side is immaturity- this is the youngest zodiac sign.


Taurus have real dark side: they are possessive, materialistic and selfish. It seems like they never learned to share. What’s also irritating about each Taurus is how stubborn they can get. Do not enter an argument with them- it’s a dead end.The hidden dark side of each Taurus is their laziness. It’s hard to make them take initiative and move out of their comfort zone.


Geminis have many faces. They are really toxic and it’s so hard to establish a connection (bond, relationship) based on honesty and sincerity. The conversations with Gemini are very hard, they enjoy to talk and they won’t let you speak. The worst issue of Geminis is that they are not able to focus on one thing. They love to do many things, they like to have many professions and hobbies.

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Caners are moody. They are not easy-going and you may find yourself often irritated and agitated by their unconstant moody behavior. However, they are always reserved cautious and timid. You think these are good characteristics, but in fact, they make it really hard for cancer to be in a healthy relationship. On the other hand, they are very sensitive and they get offended easy.


Leos are in love with themselves. Their narcissistic personality irritates the other people, but Leos are natural born leaders and somehow they manage to stay in the spotlight. This makes them have many enemies. They need to learn that they are not the center of the world.


They are very judgemental and unpredictable. You can never know what’s coming for you from a Virgo. They are detail-oriented perfectionists and can’t stay in their comfort zone. On the other hand, they are pessimists and make a negative influence on social groups.


Libras want to make long and exhausting plans. They are not comfortable with surprises and they don’t make surprises. Their way of thinking is complex, but they are pragmatic. Libras often abandon their own values and change their behavior and personality for other people- they make self-sacrifices even when there’s no need.Libras are also obsessed with their physical appearance.


They live for vengeance and never forget. Don’t you ever start a war with Scorpio because they are very negative and toxic when they want to be. They are master manipulators and have excellent cunning skills. On the other hand, despite their social obsession, Scorpios are mostly loners who are often depressed, and their depression goes deep down in the darkness of their souls.

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They are very honest and know how to show their emotions. However, they don’t know the meaning of the words “tactical”, “patient”, “steady”… They open up too fast and they are hurt because of this treat very often. Sagittarius gets bored easily and they think that they know everything. They feel intellectually superior to others


Capricorns don’t know the meaning of “letting it go” and “going with the flow”- they love having control over the situation. Capricorns, also, will use every opportunity to achieve their goals, even if it means using someone in the process. They are easily driven by negativity and they should keep themselves away from negative people because they could accumulate the energy and blast out.


Aquarius judges too quickly and they see themselves role-models for what’s RIGHT. However, their self-confidence, logic, and objectivity make them act pompous. The worst characteristic of Aquarius is that they live trapped in their own heads, so they may come off as detached. Formality is an unknown term for them and they may disrespect someone because they don’t want to follow unpragmatic rules.


Pises are the “go with the flow” type. They trust too much and they are not inquisitive enough which could make them an easy target for manipulative predators. However, Pisces ignorance makes them ignore the needs of others. They are the oldest and wisest zodiac sign, but they are surprisingly gullible.

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