20 Ways To Regain Your Positive Energy When Things Get Hard

The hardest times in our lives take the hardest measures to pass through them and became stronger and wiser people. The modern-day human is always defocused by the dynamic and fast life, often forgetting to think about spirituality, soul, God, love… BUT, when we face a huge obstacle or a hard difficulty in our life, everybody’s looking for a way to ‘survive’, even starting to be faithful.

However, that’s normal. You don’t really need to know something about positive energy and spirituality to regain your strength when things get hard- you just need to purify your heart and do some things that will certainly keep the high-frequency vibrations all around you.

These are the 20 things that will help you regain your positive energy and inner strength when things get hard in life:

1. Be gracious

Be gracious for your life, for the light of the day! Accept the positivity around you and raise your spirit. This is how you will boost your mental capability and stay strong.

2. Connect with nature

Since always- connection with nature is the best method to seek spiritual divinity. Spend more time in nature and you will improve your memory, offer you a sense of rejuvenation, relieve stress etc.

3. Spend more time with your family

Get closer with the people you love and care about. Forget about your past, forgive if you had confrontations or ask for forgiveness. The warmth of your family will make you feel whole and happy.

4. Take mental rests

Take small breaks and never let anything put you down. If you feel overwhelmed take a rest- don’t you ever let your obligation and dynamic everyday life suck your energy. Use your mental capability and productive side carefully.

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5. Associate with other positive human beings

Like we already said, you need to accumulate positive energy from your surroundings. Positive people are the best way to keep the good spirit. Spend as much time as possible with people who make you feel happy and make you laugh.

6. Laugh whenever possible

Well, if we already mentioned laughing we have to tell you that you need to laugh as much as possible. Laughing is a cure and perfect tool to keep your mental balance straight and give you little boosts of positivity. The science makes it clear-laughing is healthy both for the body and the mind.

7. Detect silver lining

Make this your principle in life. Be always optimistic, but set your priorities straight. You need to find balance in life to prevent negative experiences and failures. Silver linings give you stability and comfort, as well as control over the situation.

9. Release negativity

Use methods like meditation, yoga, prayer… Just let your spirit release the dark energy inside you. You don’t have to be spiritual master to do that- have some faith in yourself and give it a shot.

10. Take deep breaths

Well, this is the well known method to prevent and stop anxiety. With taking deep breaths you comfort your body and calm your brain. Do this more often, especially when you are stressed or feeling discomfort.

11. Talk to good friends

Share your secrets, let others help you with your burdens. Isolation, even when it’s hardest, is not the solution. Your good friends will offer you fresh insights and perspectives of the issue you’re dealing with, and that will not only make you happy and secure, but will also strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

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12. Talk to your self-in a positive fashion

Give yourself some time to talk with your inner self. Self-encouragement is very important and you must tell yourself positive things, reassure yourself, tell yourself everything’s going to be alright etc. Do not be afraid to have little ‘sessions’ with yourself, speak out loud if you have to- the effects will be positive for sure.

13. Go for walks

This is a simple advice. There’s nothing better than a long walk when you need to ‘clear your thoughts’. Take walks more often, let friends make you a company, make these walks part of your daily routine.

14. Stay fit

You know what they say: in healthy body-healthy spirit. Be physical active as much as possible. There’s no better prevention of depression and anxiety. Staying fit and exercising will release good chemicals in your body that will help you keep the strong positive spirit. Also, you will prevent many physical illnesses.

15. Sleep well

Scientists claim that sleeping has a huge impact on your mental health. Sleep always at leat 5 hours and have a quality sleep. Your brain and body need to be ‘shut down’ to regain energy. If you don’t sleep well, there is a huge chance that you will be negative, cranky, anxious or even depressed.

16. Take sick days

If you’re sick, do not hesitate to take a good care of yourself. Your health always comes first. Even if you are feeling low or slightly depressed, take a day off and work on yourself. You are more important than your job.

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17. Indulge from time to time

We know that indulgence is wrong, but it is good for you if sometimes indulge yourself. That will recharge you both physically and mentally.

18. Always be present

Focus on the things around you. Do not isolate yourself and don’t live in the past. Your life happens right now and here. Take your opportunities and don’t let yourself miss a chance for something big because you are lost in your thoughts or refuse to exit your comfort zone.

19. Be spiritual

Always have some time to think about self-improvement, spirituality, God and higher purpose in life. This will keep your soul nourished and will help you significantly to find your true inner peace.

20. Celebrate every victory

Be emotional and be proud of yourself when you need to. Celebrate the victories and the big achievements in life. This is how you will motivate yourself even more and create joyful memories for a lifetime.


Source: Soul Spot TV

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