What You Were Supposed To Learn Between 2016 And 2018 According To Your Zodiac Sign


2016: You were supposed to make a clear distinction between what you want and what you think the world wants and expects from you. This was an important year for Aries because it was the year of great challenges and self-discovery. You’ve been inquisitive in your big search for answers that will determine your future.

2017: This was a year of radical changes. You had the chance and you used it- your life is definitely never going to be the same after you turned a new leaf. With all important questions answered, you will be more focused which is going to bring a success at work and help you find someone to love and share your days with.

2018: This year you will decide if your radical changes were truly ‘radical’ or not. If you found your loved one- you will decide if that’s ‘the one’ and also make an important decision about your professional career.


2016: This year you were supposed to come up with some invention, to remodel and reshape your life. Of course, this was supposed to bring a shift in your career, social connections, and love life. During this year you had to make a clear decision about who is going to remain part of your inner circle of friends and partners. Also, in 2016 you accepted some important realities about yourself that you’ve been in denial about.

2017: This was a year of boundaries. This was the year when Taurus needed to learn how to say no and how to stay on solid ground. However, your social life was not so good, not at all, but close to abysmal.

2018: This is your year! After a long period of uncertainty, disbalance, and soul-searching you will find your answers. Use the positive energy from the universe to make this year successful.


2016: Changes have been implemented in your home. This was the year when you made your bonds with your family members strong again and improved the relations. On the other hand, you took some challenges that you didn’t expect and your family stood behind you. This year you saved enough energy and it was a very good year for you.

2017: This year you had one huge challenge. You were supposed to see the true face of all of your friends and see who are real and who are fake. You spent a lot of time socializing in the past couple of years, but this year you drew the line. Since 2017, you will care for the people who really love you and respect you.

2018: Have you ever dreamed of a huge project? This is the year to start it. This year is a year for a great beginning of something even greater. But be patient, if you have a special ‘project’ that you’ve always dreamed of, this is the perfect time to start and keep working harder and harder to complete it over the years.


2016: This was the year when you let your guard down. That’s the painful truth. This was not the best year for cancers as they received many unexpected and unpleasant announcements that will leave large scars in your life. However, after long suffering you gained wisdom and clarity- this is the year when you truly got mature.

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2017: This was the year when you used the experience to run faster toward the final lap in the big race called life. This was the year when great opportunities came up and, of course, you will start believing that after the storm always comes sun. However, you will quickly realize that you have to fight longer and harder, change the routines and adapt to the surroundings.

2018: You will realize that if you run fast toward your ultimate goal you may forget love. After a couple of turbulent years, you will finally let love in. You will need to re-prioritize some things, but in the bigger picture, this should be a calm year, full of love, passion, and happiness. You deserve it.


2016: Your big project failed and you were supposed to make a change of plans this year. In 2016 Leo realized that some things just cannot be changed. This year you were under constant fear and pressure about ‘what’s coming next’. However, you were not the ‘adventurous type’, but let despair and anxiety enter your life.

2017: Another year of low-blows. However, somewhere in the middle of the year a ‘lighting’ strikes in your life- you will find your soulmate. While hitting the rock bottom, your ‘guardian angel’ will pull you out of your misery and show you what true love really is. You also ended the insecurity when it comes to your professional life.

2018: This will be a ‘boring’ year for Leo. You will feel how great ‘ordinary’ is. After so many heights and lows you will face monotony. Anyway, adapt to it and enjoy every single day in the stability you’ve been given. The relationship with your significant other will be greatly improved and you will start thinking about something serious-like marriage.


2016: This was the year when you forcefully removed the negative things from your life. You had to, but you didn’t want- so you were full of rage and hatred. This was a year of negative energy and social conflicts.

2017: You realized this year that you actually did the right choice, wanted or not. This year you found your inner peace and you felt stronger than ever. However, the boredom became too strong and you started looking for a new life goal. While pursuing your dreams you started taking big risks.

2018: After the past year full of risks, you will need to use not strength only, but wisdom. This will be the year when you will need to make an important decision, and if you make the right one, you could expect a huge positive surprise.


2016: You were supposed to learn how to plant seeds. The past few years have been nothing short of radical for you, and it all began with your emerald Jupiter year in 2016 lighting the way for you to start making connections – perhaps with partners, employers or even with your inner self – that would come to fruition over the next few years.

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2017: This year you realized that, actually, you were your WORST enemy for the whole time. This year you let the seeds to sprout and, as well as them, you start growing as a person, learning new things about yourself and finding new ways to express yourself in front of the world.

2018: This year you are supposed to learn how to let your garden feed you. Now you need to finish th path started in 2016 and finally became a whole new person. You will finally have a new vision of yourself, but you will know deep down inside that your time is yet to come.


2016: This year brought you to distant lands and distant people. This was a year of big love disappointment and bad social relations. However, your isolation gave you strength to move on. You became close to people who you never thought that are compatible with you. This was a year of contrasts and confusion.

2017: This year you were learning how to reconnect and try not to make the same mistakes from the past. You reconnected with the people you hurt and asked for forgiveness. This year you finally felt some deep emotions you’ve never felt and changed your lifestyle. You finally realized that you need to open your soul.

2018: Time for radical changes. You are now emotional ‘ball of joy’ and someone needs to take the advantage of you. Let people enter your world, trust them- you have nothing to lose. If you decide to go down this path you will be disappointed lots of times, but you will enjoy learning new things about the real relationship. You will get used to your new lifestyle and enjoy it without ‘masks’ on your face. You will have nothing to hide anymore.


2016: This was the year of reconciliation. This year you observed your failures, deteriorated relationship and all negative people and connections in your life. This was a year of soul searching and exploration- most likely you traveled to distant lands.

2017: This year you established new connections and revived some old ones. Someone you loved needed your help, to stand beside of, probably a sick parent or cousin. This year you discovered your strong emotional side and opened your heart. This was a year of compassion, love, and clarity.

2018: In 2018 you are supposed to make radical changes in your life for good. You will reconnect with nature, use your newly learned skills and abilities to make both success at work and live stable, comfortable life. People will recognize you and worship you, this year you will feel more important than ever before. Use your time in the spotlight to make the world a better place.

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2016: This year you’ve been given insight. This year you discovered your wild side. You let your spirit unchained, despite your previous image about yourself as a close-minded and stable person. You learned how to be careless and completely free.

2017: You got over your inner conflict and got back to stability, but now you earned wisdom and experience. This year you will have the courage to do important things that you’ve never thought you will even think about doing. Your capability and self-confidence will surprise you.

2018: Your journey continues… This year you will enter the unknown and you will ‘cruise’ still encouraged by your confidence and strength. In 2018 you will find what’s truly worth living for and set your priorities straight.


2016: You were supposed to be patient, to learn what patience really means. You also had the need to find balance in your behavior- you realized that you’re not constant- you’re either too euphoric or either too depressed. Things moved slowly this year and you felt it like it was a total waste of a year.

2017 But, that was a mistake! That year made you realize that it’s finally the time to get out of your head and define the status in your life. You opened to new possibilities and discovered  hidden potentials. You didn’t let others take your responsibilities at your job and it pays off.

2018: You are supposed to learn how to coexist, and co-work, better than ever before. You’ve learned over the past few years that teamwork makes the dream work (ha, but seriously, it does). Therefore, it’s in your best interest to be the best partner and in some cases, boss, that you can be. This means honing in on your empathy, your compassion, and at times, your selflessness, all while holding true to a greater vision. It’s a challenge, but the rewards will be invaluable.


2016: This was the year when you were supposed to be obsessed with your past. Some doubts were a huge burden and you focused to get rid of them. However, the harmless ‘ghosts of the past’ sucked your energy, so moving on was too hard.

2017: This year you were supposed to start an important journey. Unconsciously you were looking for passion and love. You spontaneously realized that that was the one thing missing from your life and you filled that hole. Also, this was a year for making choices what to bring with you and what to leave behind while running towards the horizon.

2018: This is the year when you are supposed to finally change your life for good. This is the time when you need to use the natural wisdom of all Pisces and take action. You will know exactly what you need to do, so just trust your gut and be confident.

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