Prepare Yourself For Supermoon Magic! The Full Wolf Moon Arrives On January 1st To Bring The Brightest Moon Of 2018

This will be a special new year! The Supermoon will occur- that’s the brightest moon of 2018 and it happens on the very first night of the year.

There is no better way to leave 2017 behind. The New Year will begin with a huge outburst of energy. Moon Giant reports that “the first Full Moon of the year will be on January 1st for North America and the 2nd for Europe and the UK. The second known as a Blue Moon will be on January 31st. Both are supermoons with the Moon being at it’s the closest point to the earth making the Full Moon brighter and larger. It gets even better with a Total Lunar Eclipse visible in the western United States on January 31st.”

People who know these things and have a strong consciousness and spirituality will be looking forward to the great show. The Wolf Moon this year falls under the sign of cancer. On 1st of January 2018, you should turn a new leaf and let the things that put you down go! Just have fun and absorb the positivity. The upcoming 2018 is considered to be a year of positive changes. That’s why you need to accumulate as much as possible high-frequency vibration and release your inner child- feel the clarity of innocence and love.

Spiritual practitioners need to use this great chance to meditate and release their chakras. The Wolf Moon is perfect for solitary meditation and all spiritual rituals and activities are boosted by the abundant energy.

This period will be perfect to set your priorities in life. You need to see where you are and where do you want to go. Mercury has also left the retrograde- things just couldn’t be more perfect if you want to release your suppressed energy and clean yourself from negativity. That will make you able to come up with wise decisions and truly bring changes in your life in the search for happiness.

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According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Native American tribes named the moon the full wolf moon because of the wolves who would howl in hunger around the time of its rising. The moon has also been called the Old Moon and the Snow Moon.

Anyway, have faith and never let the dark spirits put you down. One thing about the Wolf Moon is for sure- this is the time of closure and clarity- this is the time when we must allow ourselves to release the things that we no longer need to hold onto. Better tomorrow awaits- be part of it, focus on yourself and accomplish your spiritual awakening under the Wolf Moon.

Source: Mystical Raven

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