If You Often Experience These 8 Signs You Are a Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive to Energy

Empathic people are the ‘pearls’ of humanity. The highly perceptive people, or EMPATHS, as we call them, are the balance that keeps the societies alive and in order. The empathy is what modern humanity is based on and the modern judiciary systems are also following that code.

However, most of the people are insensitive. If you are an empath, you are able to feel the high and low vibration frequencies all around you. If your sensitivity is on a higher level, it means that you can even feel the emotions of the people around you. To be an empath is a curse and a blessing at the same time.

These are the 8 signs suggesting that you are an empath with strong perceptive powers:

1. Having a strong intuition about bad events or situations that proves right in the end

If you have a strong intuition about things and if you often prove right might be a sign that you are an empath. Empaths, as we already said, feel the energy towards them and towards the other people. That’s why they can see something coming, but, of course, it’s just a feeling, so you can’t see the future clearly. Anyway, your intuition may be useful if you are spiritually strong and use it to improve your life.

2. Dreaming about events before they happen

Detailed dreams with certain meanings that later come true are also a sign of spiritual empath. Sometimes they seem as a pure coincidence, but if they happen a lot, they may be your connection with the universe.

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3. You have strange connection with some people

When you mix with other, you instinctively feel drawn to certain people and you sense things about them. Some may give out a bad vibe, but other attract you immediately. You will feel that the energies of others may be high or low and you may find yourself attracted or disgusted by people you don’t know, based on your feeling.

4. You usually end up getting what you want

Your unconsciousness will help you use your powers to become more successful. While others are struggling to get a job done- you do it with effectively with no fears or doubt.

5. You have to recharge- a lot!

If you need a recharge after spending time with people in big groups you may be an empath. Empaths’ energy is often exhausted completely when they are part of large social groups. You are not anti-social, not at all, but you absorb the energy of the people around you and that’s overwhelming.

6. You can spot liars easy

You can judge whether a person is being honest with you, or not. Social confrontations and ‘dirty games’ between people are not your favorite thing, but nobody can mess around with you because you have the ‘insight’.

7. Even a completely silent room seems noisy

This is a very common thing to all empaths. Even if you are in a room full of people, but in total silence, you won’t feel at ease, you will feel like it’s still very loud. That’s because you can ‘hear’ and ‘see’ their emotions.

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8. You are master of predictions and plans

If you are an empath, you surely have the power to make good predictions, make excellent preparations, projects and plans for the future. You know the outcome of most situations and you base your prediction on your inner feeling.


Source: DailyOccupation

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