5 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Upcoming Energetic Shift on January 1st

All humans are swimming in a giant pool of energy. In the past, the people were paying a lot more attention to these things. The spirituality of each person was a need, now it’s just an option. However, some people are still working on their inner self and understand the world better. Some of us can even see and manipulate the energy.

This January will be a very interesting month. There will be two Full Moons and a total lunar eclipse- The Blood Moon.

This is the perfect time to be prepared for reaching some kind of spiritual cleansing or divinity. These are the 5 ways to prepare for the big changes in cosmic and planetary energy this month.


First of all, do not intoxicate your body, mind, and soul. Be focused on staying in good shape and quit the junk food and the toxic beverages. You should stick to a routine, some kind of diet combined with physical and spiritual exercises that will help you stay ‘clean’. Spend more time outdoors, walk, socialize, be in nature.


Not everybody is a professional in meditating, but everybody can do it! Find a guide on the internet, or just sit quietly for hours. There are many kinds of meditation and you will find yours to begin with. Step by step, you will be able to use the mediation to open your chakras.


As we already said, nothing beats the primal energy. This year will be a year of radical changes and you have to trust your intuition. If you want to perform spiritual cleansing or reach divinity, you must trust your intuition. The universe will try to communicate yourself and you try to receive the message and respond in your way. Your intuition will keep you safe and that will help you stay in good shape, strong-willed and focused.

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We evolve continuously. We change every single day. If you want to be prepared for the energy ‘blasts’ in January you need to re-evaluate yourself, see what your goals are, change some of them if needed. You need to see what are you capable of and truly acknowledge yourself. That is the most important thing if you want to work on your inner self. You need to know who you are first.


Of course, 2018 will be a year of changes and you need to accept those changes. On the contrary, you really need those changes and want them in your life, but you may be too afraid to accept them, especially when many radical changes come at once. Do not be afraid- if you are prepared, you will accept the changes and adapt to them.


Source: Simple Capacity

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