Raise The Vibration Of Your Home With These 10 Tips…

The place we live and call home needs to be sacred. In the far-Eastern cultures, the home is considered to be holy and extremely important in the life of one person. They see the home as a way to connect with their ancestors and tradition, as well as making it a comfortable place full of positive energy.

To keep the positivity in your house, to surround it with high frequency vibrations, you need to be determined and take care for the small details. In this article we share with you 10 ways how to make and keep your house a warm place full of positivity.

1. Getting rid of stuff you never use

Start with a major search and cleaning around the house. Search in all spots and look for stuff you never use. Dispose immediately of all things that have no use and just fill the space. You may also find yourself happy and pleased if you donate the stuff to people who need them more.

2. Burning sticks of sage

Sage is mostly used in culinary settings, but believe it or not, its a great stuff that raises the vibration of your home. It’s simple- burn more sage sticks to keep positivity in your room. Burn a stick and walk around the house. Make it a good wave of positivity and tranquility. The smell will have a relaxing effect on you that will make you focus on your positive thoughts.

3. Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan salt is no doubt the purest and healthiest salt on the market. Like we said, this salt is perfect for your physical health, but it also gives you a spiritual benefit- it cleanses and removes odors from the air in your home. What’s even more interesting is the effect of the Himalayan salt on negative ion particles. The Himalayan salt absorbs negative ion particles and releases positive ion particles. It is a perfect ‘tool’ for your home if you want to keep the positivity.

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4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the great methods of improving oneself. The meditation will make you way stronger, but will also bring calamity and tranquility to your home. Of course, your own positive vibrations will spread in your house too. If you keep high-frequency vibrations in your house constantly and continuously, your home will become a perfect meditation-temple that’s going to let you achieve new levels in your meditation practice.

5. Sing happy songs

As simple as it gets- the music shares positivity. The positive sound waves combined with your inner happiness and blasts of positivity while you sing are perfect for your home. On the other hand, your singing will spread your own positivity to the people around you and it’s a good way of socializing (karaoke for example). The singing is a great de-stressing tool and may also ‘ignite’ your passionate side.

6. Growing plants

Plants are one of the most important Feng Shui elements. They not only clean the air, but the share positive energy. Plants are also a good hobby that will make you pleased and happy. The most effective plants in removing air pollution in your home are: Peace Lily, Golden Pothos, English Ivy etc.

7. Use essential oils

If you want to know the secrets of Feng Shui you need to know that the essential oils are one of the best kept secrets. Visit the market and let your senses guide you. You will certainly find the perfect essential oils with the compatible flavors for your home. Lavenders, for instance, are wonderful in relieving nervous and negative energy around your home.

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8. Keeping fresh flowers inside your home

Make your home a romantic place full of aesthetic beauty. The romantic inclinations are often expressed through giving flowers, and this effect will certainly be caused in your home if you always bring fresh flowers. Subconsciously you will make your sweetheart more passionate and, of course, you will make your home more colorful and beautiful place.

9. Burning incense

Burning incense is an old spiritual practice, with ancient tradition from the classical Egyptian times. Ancient Egyptians thought that the strong smell soothes the mind and they burned incense in most of their rituals. When you buy incense always buy the natural one to maximize the positive energy in your home.

10. Open the blinds and curtains

Let the light enter your home! This is very simple- the light is a natural wave of positive energy. On the other hand, the fresh air will significantly play a major role when it comes to your health and let the negative energy go away easier.

Source: Life Coach Code

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