13 Steps To Send Love Telepathically

Love is one of the biggest mysteries and achievements of mankind. That’s for sure! There is no stronger power than love. Some people think that maybe the pure hatred is stronger, but they are wrong. Love makes us different, love changes people for the better, love makes us make the biggest sacrifice and grow as a person.

When we talk about love and spirituality we need to mention that there are various types of love and various manifestations. You can find many stories about twin-flames and soulmates, the specialty of their bonds etc. However, one of the most fascinating powers of love is the telepathy.

To understand the telepathic love, first, you should know what telepathy is. Telepathy is non-material and no-code communication of feelings or ideas, using your mind and energy only. When we send our love this way, it’s called telepathic love.

Who can send love telepathically?

Basically, anyone. Every normal human being has a natural ability to do this, however, to be able to send telepathically love you need to be very focused, using your own senses and seek spiritual purity (as much as possible) to share our ideas or information through this unusual way of communication.

How to do it?

Follow these simple steps if you want to send love telepathically:

  1. Go to the state of relaxation: if you meditate, you know how to achieve that state of mental relaxation right away
  2. Lie in bed, or sit in the meditative state
  3. Inhale and exhale slowly by counting to five and repeat till you feel good
  4. Try to focus on the person you want to send your love to
  5. In your mind, you should know that you are practicing telepathy in love
  6. Your love should be gentle and unconditional; you are going to send the same
  7. Teach your mind that your loved one will only receive the love if he or she accepts; you won’t force it
  8. From the person, shift the focus on the love you have for her or him
  9. Hold that feeling in your heart and let it grow
  10. Now feel your emotions as the energy
  11. Imagine that energy has found a path and moves from you to your loved one in a flow
  12. Try to sense, whether the person is receiving the love energy or not
  13. The initial stage requires at least 10 minutes till that person receives your signals


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Anyway, you need to be aware that you must practice.  Without practice, you will never be able to send love telepathically. Try to focus on an object, or practice with someone. You need to spend a couple of weeks in practice, as well as in self-improvement. You need spiritual cleansing and you need brain and soul pure of thoughts, unnecessary and negative emotions, frustrations etc.

Be aware that if you practice telepathically love, you might receive a call from the certain person or other kinds of modern communication. However, if you want to enjoy the magic of the telepathic love, don’t use the modern technology for communicating.


Source: Spiritual Unite

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