Nothing Is Random: Here’s Why Accidents And Coincidences Don’t Exist

Coincidence is a word with undefined clear meaning, hardly acceptable for the spiritually advanced people. The power of the Universe and the Creator are unimaginable for us, the regular people. However, we are stubborn and we always want to be in control, that’s why we created ‘coincidence’.

Sometimes it is very hard to accept some things in life. We live trapped in the bubble and believe only in things served, the things from the matrix- already determined to configure us to be good taxpayers, law-abiding citizens and EMPTY INSIDE.

You should understand that everything happens for a reason. We often see coincidences as some kind of a magic affair created by someone who doesn’t want to reveal the identity and the purpose of the ‘coincidence’, but in fact, everything is already determined by the energy of the universe and our actions.

That is the relation between the micro and the macro cosmos. The Eastern teachings show us that even the smallest bug in Japan can produce a hurricane in Florida. That’s closely connected to Karma- most of us believe in karma, but probably because we like JUSTICE, not because we are spiritually strong to understand the deeper meaning of the karma concept.

It’s good to know this because whenever you want to achieve something, every time you dream of something- know that your strongest desires are not unknown to the universe, and the universe will make it happen if you truly believe, keep the high-frequency vibration and change for the better every day.

You need to know that everything lies in your hands.Whatever you do, take action without stress, do everything within your power, and just leave the cosmic center to take charge of the small details.

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You have the power to change something or to let it go. Most of us are not even conscious about this or ignore this fact. You need to work on your inner self to make your dreams come true and attract positive energy from the universe.

Source: Spiritual Unite

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