Is Your Soul Tired? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

All of us have those days when we feel completely out of touch, tired, little depressed, feeling that our energy is completely exhausted even if we haven’t been physically active. Just like we said many times before, we will say it again: the modern humans don’t care at all about their spiritual side. The soul is always neglected and we are focused only on the material world.

That is a huge mistake! The energy in our bodies has the source- our soul. The soul is something holy, something undefined, connected with the beginning of time, with the source of the universe and all existence itself. However, most of us are blind and deaf when it comes to the spiritual cleansing.

Sometimes even if we sleep 8 hours at least, or our bodies are relaxed, we still may find ourselves feeling empty and sick inside. Your soul is in a constant flow and when we lose connection to this flow, awful things can happen. Many psychological issues are a manifestation of neglected soul and pure emptiness. There is one interesting way how to check if your soul is tired.

Rub your hands together quickly for about 30 seconds and start slowly to separate your hands. Do you feel a warmth or a strong buzz coming from your hands?? That’s a very small amount of materialized energy flowing between your balms. If you feel no energy, or if your hands stop before they reach the shoulder width, it means that your soul is tired and your energy depleted.

The top 10 things that can make your soul feel tired include-

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Not being true to yourself

Saying yes when you really mean no

Doing something that doesn’t fulfill your purpose

Engaging in petty arguments or gossip

Hanging around toxic people, partners or friends

Negative self-talk

Holding onto the past

Surrounding yourself in clutter

Wanting or feeling a lack

Lack of self-love



These things above are something that all of us needs to take into consideration if we want to grow as a person. However, these things might make us all depressed and tired inside. It doesn’t mean that if something of the things above needs to happen consequently or in a specific period of time.

Because of the dynamic of the modern lifestyle, we are totally unaware of most of this things. Our subconsciousness is constantly bombarded by all of those emotions and different frequency vibrations, but our consciousness is focused on the daily routine or some ‘more important’ goals, so we ignore this issues.


Here are some suggestions to help you fix a tired soul:

Cleanse your aura

Conduct a Spiritual Cleanse

Recharge your energy using crystals


Be creative

Do things that make you feel excited and good

Practice positive talk and loving affirmations

Start loving yourself and caring more about your inner self


However, the most important advice of them all is to acknowledge yourself, learn and accept your flaws and try to fix it.  Ignorance is the source of all problems. If you care more about your spiritual self, there is a big chance of living life way healthier, more comfortable and careless than the one you live at the moment- full of anxiety, stress, empty obsessions, materialism, and consumerism.

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Source: Forever Conscious

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