The 7 Soul Groups You Belong To

The modern spiritual concepts and teachings offer great answers to all of your questions and may help you improve and grow as a person. Every day we meet different people, we learn new things and we are living a dynamic life. However, most of us forget that we need to take care of our spiritual side as well as our physical side. The material world is full of obstacles and distractions, so it’s very hard for one person to stay focused.

The spiritual growth is very hard, but sometimes we can use help from some other people who are already spiritually strong and know ‘the truth’. Anyway, most of us will never find spiritual masters, but we can easily find our spiritual/ soul group.

If you feel like you don’t belong anywhere-don’t worry, it’s because you haven’t found your soul group yet. Sometimes you may feel the inner call to find your soul group. Each person’s soul group is connected to the higher realms, goals, and views of the person.

Your soul certainly belongs to one of the 7 groups below. Find out if you already found your group or discover which group you belong to.

1. The Source

This is the unique and most important group of them all. We all belong to this soul group because we all come from the same source of energy. The whole material world, for instance, is built from the same microparticles and they all come from the same source of energy. The Source is also the beginning of life and existence, so the connection between the micro and the macro cosmos is inevitable and strong. When we do bad things we also make a harm to the whole universe. Karma exists because of this secret connection. This group teaches us that we are all one at the end of the day.

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2. The Soul Community

This is how we began this article. The soul community is what most of us are looking for. It’s not a mistake-the modern world and the human nature at all, determined humans to live in social groups and to socialize through their whole life path. The Soul Community is the soul group of people who share the same views, philosophy in life, sense for arts and aesthetic etc. This group is formed of people who shared the same experiences as you and learned the same life lessons. This is the group where we can find people to establish an emotional connection with.

You don’t really need to know someone from this group to make you grow as a person. Very often, total strangers may comfort you and relax you when you’re feeling down, or someone may just appear from somewhere and teach you a great lesson about life or solve some of your major issues.

3. The Soul Tribe

The Soul Tribe soul group is formed of people who share the same interests, life goals, and purposes in life. You don’t really need to be a soulmate with the people of this group, you don’t even need to have an emotional connection- your life paths are connected really strong and you have to adapt and invest yourself in this soul group.

Coworkers, relatives, friends, employees etc; are all part of this group. You will know who belongs to your soul tribe and who doesn’t. Even if there are contradictions between you and them, still, the connection is strong and your life-missions and purposes will help you both evolute and grow as a person. If you want to be a successful person in life with strong bonds you need to take this group very serious and invest yourself. This is the group where all members are improving each other with their skills and experiences because they share the same/similar life goals and purposes.

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4. The Soul Family

As you already guess, this is your immediate family. Many people feel like they don’t belong to this group, they feel abandoned by their families or they left at some point in life. BUT, be not mistaken- if you are a spiritually strong person you will see the ‘truth’ behind this very important soul group.

You and the members of this group share the same DNA code and you are determined to have similar patterns in your behavior, as well as similar emotional and physical profiles. Your soul purpose might not be the same of all members of this group, but anyway, the members of your family are most likely going to stand behind you and give unconditional support no matter what. Of course, if you are part of the group and if you care for the other members as much as they care for you. You can also become part of this group even if you don’t share the same genetic code. If you’ve grown up in a family as an adopted child, the effects would be nearly the same.

5. The Soulmate Group

The soulmate group is the most significant group of people you will meet in your life. The soulmates are people who are going to let you experience a spiritual awakening and make radical changes in your life. A soulmate is a person who shares the same beliefs, views, and purposes. You have the same spiritual profile and you feel the cosmic energy between you.

The people in this group might or might not be close to you, you might be connected with them just for a while, but the effect is always the same. You will feel that you finally found the ‘missing part’ of your existence that is going to help you grow as a person and finally feel the ‘wholeness’ in your soul.

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However, this doesn’t mean that they share the same energy with you or that it’s easy to establish a strong bond with a soulmate. It requires a lot of work, strong will, and patience. Most of us never meet their soulmates and seek insight and divinity.

6. The Twinflame Group

This is an even more special group. Twin flames are the people who share the same energy level with you and they vibrate on the same frequency. Meeting a twinflame is a cosmic event. You will know that you met that person at the exact time you feel their presence. On Earth twinflames often meet each other, but most of the times they feel the huge energy connection, but they do nothing. Only spiritually experienced and advanced souls can recognize the connection and use establish an everlasting bond.

You will gain wisdom and knowledge, both for yourself and the universe. Most of the twinflame relations are popularly romantic, but this happens because the meeting of two twinflames is characterized by strong and intense emotions, so they are driven by their passion mostly.

7. Personal Soul Group

This is the soul group that is connected only with yourself and only you make the decision who’s part of this group. In the personal soul group are the souls who we choose to take care of. We choose them because they play a crucial part in our life. We may not share the same interests or have the same views about the things, but we choose them to share the same lifepath with us.

The members of this group are mostly animals- pets.


Source: Mind Journal

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