5 Signs That Separate Fakers From Truly Awakened Masters

The true spiritual Masters are a rarity these days. To find a true Master means to find a man from ‘the past’. A human being full of experience, empty of judgment, wise person who found the path to the TRUTH and it’s ready to show the path to the Truth Seekers.

The real Masters know exactly who is ready to learn the truth, but they also know that the TRUTH cannot be defined, described or explained. They know that the self-acknowledgment is the key to finding the TRUTH and reaching spiritual awakening, as well as they know that every single soul has a different path towards the TRUTH.

In this article, we will share one of the stories of the true masters. Since always, the masters created stories and analogies that are supposed to give the people a little sense of what the truth might really be. The truly awakened masters always send their signals and messages, but we need to understand them and adapt to radical changes in order to reach the spiritual awakening ourselves.

The story of the three blind men below clearly illustrates how the awakened Masters feel and how they influence each person to start searching for the TRUTH:

Three blind men were guests at a house. While sitting around a table, they were discussing what fruit their host offered them to eat. None of them had eaten nor touched that kind of fruit before.

One said it was grape. The other one insisted it was pear, while the last one argued it was peach.

Each of them had a definite opinion about the issue as each one of them had studied a lot about the fruit and had heard stories of experiences from people who ate them. Thus, each of them insisted that he and he alone knew the right answer.

The host who was with them and wasn’t blind jumped in to join the conversation. He told them what they had just eaten was apple.

Unaware that their host wasn’t blind, the three blind men insisted that each of them was right. Each tried as much as he can to persuade their host that they have read about it making them experts on the issue.

They argued that no one can simply declare something, in that case the fruit, without a real debate. They believed every real opinion that promotes scientific progress had to be based upon real debate.

The host, however, told them he did not wish to open a debate. He just simply saw that the fruit was an apple.

Upon hearing this, the three blind men escalated the issue on a spiritual level and asked whether seeing really existed. Or, perhaps some high and mighty characters, as their host, fabricated the idea to polish their own.

The host watched them quietly for a while. SEEing that he couldn’t convince them whatsoever, he left the room.


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Maybe you re just a step closer to the truth, but you already know how to recognize the TRUE MASTER. Through the story above you learned that you MUST walk your path alone and that master with ‘agenda’ is just another obstacle on your path.

These are the 5 signs that will help you find a REAL ENLIGHTENED MASTER:

1. Awakened teachers teach freedom

Awakened Masters will never let you feel under pressure or trapped. The true masters teach about the values of freedom and they will handle ‘freedom’ to their truth seekers, but will also teach them that with every freedom comes great responsibility. Be assured that a true master will never close you in a box of conditions and limitations.

2. Awakened teachers never provide methods

The truly awakened masters know how the material world and the old principles in it are not productive in the true search for the purpose of all existence. The true Masters, take Jesus for an example, use various methods (mostly unorthodox) to influence the truth seekers. That’s why Christianity is the most popular religion in the world. Jesus (who might be a divine spirit himself living in a human body, but fully accepted and loved the human nature) used various methods to spread the truth, or to give his students a little sense of what the truth really is. He also made his students seek the truth themselves- and he was doing that all the time!

That is how you will recognize the true master- he is not proving methods, but he pushes you closer to the truth and guards your back on your own path. Every moment is a lesson.

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3. Awakened teachers act as a lighthouse

Like we already said, the true masters will be your ‘guardian angels’. They shouldn’t ‘give’ you the truth, but they should be the light in the darkness. Seekers will face many hard obstacles, they will even try to give up, but the master is the one who’s going to make them find the last atom of energy and grow bigger and stronger after.

4. Awakened teachers are ego-free

This is important not for the spiritual masters only, but for every human being who intends to teach others about something at some point in their lives. Ego is enemy- there is a huge difference between pride and dignity. Pride is a bad threat and ego teacher will be never truly able to light the path. If someone has an ego- it means that the ego go in a package with some agenda.

Distraction and anger- that’s the product of the ego- both the student and the so-called teacher will be distracted and enraged. That will clearly disable the seeker from completing his mission.

5. Awakened teachers preach about love

The true masters know and respect the power of LOVE. Love is the strongest drive in all human beings and the most powerful and pure emotion. You will feel the positivity of love and discover all of its forms. The TRUTH is deeply connected with love- that’s for sure!


Source: Life Coach Code

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