Here’s How to Awaken Your Potential for Self Healing

The answer to the question if we have the power within us to heal our bodies is undoubted yes.
Let me explain this to you. Our potential to heal it’s as big as the universe, but the sad thing is, we as complicated human beings haven’t been able to develop it, and the reason is pretty simple because no one ever told us that we actually use a very small amount of the potential in our brainThe existence of this healing potential is found in every spiritual belief culture.

When people are confronted with serious sickness, after trying every solution and medicine there is and when none of those appear to be helping, that is the perfect moment to turn to the healing power within you. I started doing research on this particular subject, and I’ve found many many cases that through deep meditation, shamanism and psychic healing overcame many physical diseases as well as injuries on the body and mental trauma with will patience determination and of course self-belief.

These cases were my personal inspiration to start looking inside of me and begin the process of my inner spiritual healing that lies there within every each of us waiting to be activated.
In addition, I’ve discovered an astounding story about a leg injury that looked like lost cause and had to be amputated but an astonishing miracle happened instead.

This story was reported by Psychology Today and Yoga Journal, and the story involved 21-year-old person named Mitchell May, and he’s been told by a group of well-educated surgeons that his leg couldn’t be saved and has to be amputated in order for him to stay alive. The disastrous event- a car accident got his leg broken in 40 places. Can you imagine so many injuries on one leg? Not only that but also a large lump of skin and muscle were missing on his leg. One can only imagine what kind of pain he was going through.
His life was at risk too, and that’s why the doctors tried to convince him to amputate the leg in order to live, but he refused to do that. His family, especially his mother was desperate too and after failing to convince him to amputate his leg, she contacted the parapsychology department at UCLA, hoping to find some other solution for his son, and she managed to find a healer named Jack Gray.

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She continued to work with him and many other healers that helped herself as well as her son. The many sessions taught her one very important thing- EVERY BODY PART HAS A SOUL! Mitchell May’s mother was interested in practicing shamanic soul retrieval and many other concepts of spiritual healing. Actually, she wanted to become a true spiritualist.

As a person who is obsessed with medicine, she quickly came up with the idea that even the toe on our smallest finger has a soul, meaning in our life and special function. She called the shamans to perform healing rituals directly to her son’s foot. The doctors said that it is impossible to recover so fast or heal the damaged feet using those methods. But, after only 2 hours the effects were visible.

This caught up the attention of many scientists as well as the University. However, the practice has nothing to do with science, and that’s why the spiritualists and doctors are always confronted and can’t find a proper way to act together simultaneously.

If you want to find your potential for spiritual healing first YOU MUST BELIEVE, you must have faith, both in the shamans, the spirits and yourself. You need to acknowledge yourself and accept your flaws. You also need to see how your body reacts with your spirit. You need to establish a  strong connection between your soul and body. After you do this, of course, you will need an advice from an expert, possibly a shaman who will perform the ritual with you ( at least for the very first time).

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Mitchell May, whose leg and life was saved by spiritual medicine and he dedicated his life trying to prove that this concept of medicine is effective and important. What do you think about this, dear readers? Do you believe in spiritual medicine? Do you think spiritual medicine should be considered as important as the basic? Share your opinion!


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