How to Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

The nearest thing to heaven is having a child, but also, the heaviest mission in life is parenthood. It’s not easy to talk about parenthood if you haven’t experienced it yourself. The sacred bond between the parents and their children is something worth living for. The power of creation and existence is showing its most beautiful energy in the shape of love between a parent and children.

However, many parents make huge mistakes in their mission to raise a good child. In the 21st century, in this sick and dark times, it is a real miracle to raise your children as a spiritual person with the strong will, behavior, habits, and knowledge. If you want to raise a wise person who’s going to surpass all obstacles on his life path, that means that you need to be prepared to make radical changes and follow a pattern of what NOT TO DO mostly.

As we said many times before in our articles, nobody can show u ‘the Truth’, but every single one of us needs to walk that path solo. However, our ‘spiritual masters’, our teachers and guides in life need to help us win the struggle on that path and prevent us from making crucial mistakes.

If your child is an empath and has a high emotional EQ, that means that you have the opportunity to raise a spiritual awakened children. That is a special gift, but your mission will be even stronger because the ‘special’, empath kids have stronger insight, awareness, clairvoyance, telepathy etc. They see the things around them more clearly than the other children. These are the little pieces of advice how to keep raise spiritually awakened children:

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1. Teach them that emotions are OK

Teach your children since the youngest age about emotions. Teach them about the human nature and the function and effects of all emotions. Tell them that they should not be afraid, nor block their feelings. If your child is frustrated or angry, for instance, use these three steps to teach him the healthy way: recognize the emotion, bring it ‘front and center’ and try to teach your child what the feeling of anger and frustration is, give your child a healthy way to release it. This will be a huge help for your child and he won’t be ever having issues with anger management.

2. Listen to them

ALWAYS find time to listen to your children. It’s OK, we get it, sometimes it’s absurd for an adult preoccupied with his everyday life and obligations to waste half an hour of precious time to listen to childish stories or discuss things with an infant. However, you are making one of the biggest mistakes if you are ignoring your child. They need attention and they also feel the need to be heard and to express themselves. Of course, you need to ‘evaluate’ what they said and answer correctly. Don’t make them ever feel like you’re doing it only because you had to. Be passionate and invest yourself in the conversation as much as possible. This will make them feel special and important.

3. Remove programming of good and bad behavior

You must teach your children that the world is not all black and white. Show them the grey side and let them discover justice themselves. If you push them in the patter of good and bad, they may find themselves in strong doubts about many things. Also, this may cause an impact on the confidence of the child, especially if it is an empath. Teach your children that there is an absolute good- love and absolute bad- hatred. Let them these two to be their only guides that will reveal good and bad stuff in life.

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4. They have a gift to give

All children have a mission in their life, they all have a hidden purpose. The best gift that we could give them is TIME and PATIENCE. They will give their gift back to us sooner or later. As long as we keep the bond alive, we, as parents, will learn the truth what parenthood really is and why are the children the biggest gift in one’s life. When our child succeeds in his mission and seeks his happiness- that’s when you are going to feel what the true meaning of ‘pride’ is.


Source: Enlightened Consciousness

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